Rumors are true (sorta because there aren’t any, I just made that up rn) – I have a – y o u t u b e – channel! For those of you new folks now arriving @ Salty Blog – welcome!

I always try to video every week, but sometimes, #lifehappens. I’ll be BACK on schedule from now on (promise!). To start off a “new show” on my channel called “COOK THAT ISH,” where I try to cook things that look easy because I am SO BAD AT COOKING. One time, I burned a whole loaf of bread trying to figure out how to make grilled cheese. I mean, I was in high school but I guess I wasn’t that smart of a human back then. This time, I embarked on a journey and tried Tasty Recipes that look EFFIN EASY, BUT IT’S NOT. I’ll let the video do the talking!

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