Fish On!

This week, I traveled to Lake Sawyer for a Staff/Board retreat, but also was a chance for me to get my fish on. It’s a private estate, so I definitely wanted to take advantage of the area. It’s probably not fished a lot so that means more fish for me! I was fishing for bass and trout.

I first got there around 7:00 PM and I didn’t catch anything, despite the fact that I was fishing for 2-3 hours. I was pretty disappointed and really tried all sorts of different lures (worms, spinners). My favorite is the fish spinners that dives it’s nose when you reel it in, but that didn’t really help me get anything.

Next morning, I went out again at 5:45 AM – 7 AM and didn’t catch anything (AGAIN), but I had a little break from planning and went out ONE MORE TIME around 8:30 and BAM – FISH ON! I got a rainbow trout and reeled it back to shore and I stared at it for a bit with excitement and then it wiggled itself out of the hook because I didn’t have a net. But I reeled it all the way back to the shore so that was good. Too bad I didn’t have my phone on me to take picture of it (rookie mistake). It was about 1.5 pounds so it was a bit bigger than my previous fish. #winning

BriBri (the hubs) was also fishing at the same time, but different late with his friends. They caught two fishes but one (picture below) was caught by BriBri, but we are not sure what it is. Does anyone know?

I would say it was a successful morning for both of us. It seems like Lake Washington is the spot to go rn – so don’t wait!




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