Jeans That Don’t Suck

Hi salties!

I hate jeans. I really do.

They squeeze you and if you are “thicker” I think they add a few pounds on your legs. If you are shorter (me), you just look like you should give up and wear a potato sack to hide your flaws. So, yes, I hate them.

I recently got some mail from Warp + Weftand they asked me if I would try on some of their jeans. So I mean, why not? I definitely thought they were going to fail. All the companies who wants to be “body positive” actually fail because I feel like they test their product on woman who THEY THINK are real and not actually real. That’s true in so many industries, especially in fashion. *Like, I remember when I was helping put together a fashion show, and a designer “let go” of a model because their built was “too manly.”

Demin (the concept of jeans and fabric) is interesting. It was originally made for working men. It was supposed to be casual, give stretch and comfort to people like cowboys and minors. Levi patented it first in the 70s and over many iterations (ta da!) your modern jeans.

Warp + Weft did not fail. I finally found jeans that fit, comfortable AND give stretch (and no, not sponsored). I was surprised that they sent me my correct size on my measurements and I was surprised that it fit me the first time I put it on. Girls, you know that when you put on new jeans and you are not size – you have to maneuver in ways you never thought you could (a lot of squatting motions).

Well, how do you think it fits? Let me know in the comments!

// About outfit (all linked) //

Sunglasses @ Clementines – variety

Jeans – Warp and Weft (I am size 30 and usually wear a 10)

Headband & Tote – Madewell


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