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I’m one post behind (it’s clear from Instagram), but I wanted to journal/blog as I am traveling so it’s fresh on my mind. Plus, I want to make sure I’m giving you the most updated information + my true feelings about all my #europewithme series. But let’s be real, I am going to have a 3 part thing about the LOUVRE, and that’s not happening until I go back to US of A!

As you probably know, I’m a blogger, I work in politics, but I am also a fashion designer! So, there was no way that I couldn’t stop by the Fashion Museum in Paris (PALAIS GALLIERA, Museé de la mode). Usually they have multiple showings, but this time it was highlighting the closet, fashion, and life of Dalida. I actually had no idea who she was, but after visiting the, museum I got to know her more (of course).

Dalida was an Italian + French singer and actress who was born in Egypt. She was able to perform in many different languages and won the “World Oscar of Recording Success.” These are very easily found on wikipedia (haha) so let me tell you about things that aren’t wikipedia-esque.

What wikipedia doesn’t tell you is the nuances of her life and style. Her style was very chameleon-like. By that, I mean, you can see that one season she will be wearing more gothic style clothing and other times you will see her wear more elaborate outfits with detailed embroidered work, that’s more glamorous. Later in her career, she favored two designers that she wore more often, but she wore very famous designers like Yves Saint Laurent. She wanted to be an actor first, so when she first started, she made all of her outfits (how f*cking cool is that?) Later, she suffered from depressed and took her own life, but while she lived, she inspired many. I’m sad that I just got to know who she is, but glad I got to know her through the exhibition.

(Picture: Above the clothing she made herself for her shoots in movies)

While looking at the pictures – listen to some of her music and I think you can really feel her emotions come through the songs. I think this exhibition reminded me of what my dad always says – don’t give up happiness in any journey you decide to take. Always do what you are passionate about, and don’t give up your happiness in whatever you do. #alwaysdoyou

I hope you enjoyed the museum through the blog as much as I did! See you next time on #allaboutRoma



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