My America

It’s a grey Sunday morning here in Seattle and I decided to come to work in Pioneer Square. As I enter a local coffee shop Zeitgeist, to grab a breakfast sandwich, I see people glancing over at the newspaper articles talking about what happened in Charlottesville and I see the expressions on their face – shocked, hopeless, and those eyes that say “America, we have failed.” A young white person intimately reads into the article and I can’t help but to study his every move. Is he in agreeance, like is he a Nazi? Does he hate it too, like a white alley? Is he going to fight back in solidarity?

This is my America today. An America filled with hate. A presidency that points the finger at others, making laws to kick out black and brown Americans, and vouching to protect Americans that are white – like only white. An America that protects the aggressor and blames the victim – especially woman. An America that discriminates against LGBTQIA+ community. An America that cripples anyone who is not white with anxiety and violence because the presidency allows it to.

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And yes, actively going after. The presidency is going after black and brown people with a system that barely anyone understands. Congress? Local elections? Bills? I didn’t even know what a Gubernatorial was until I came to the states.

“It means Governor.” Said Joe Schmoe. I remember how he thought I was so stupid for not know that word. His eyes told me, “How did you even become a Campaign Manager?”

After Charlottesville, Trump made a statement and said “there’s fault on all sides.” What fault do black and brown people have on this day? Y’all showed up with tiki torches and walked down the street chanted Nazi rhetoric saying you (yes, white people) “…will not be replaced.” When have you been replaced?

I keep scrolling through twitter. Looking up different news articles, and every headline is talking about ‘white nationalist.’ Did all the news sources jump on a conference call after this terrorism and agree that ‘white nationalist’ or ‘alt-right’ is what they are going to call Nazi’s from now on? Or was it more of a copy and paste method?

I’m outraged on the fact that the media is having a hard time calling out terrorism. Call it what it is – it was terrorism by Nazis. Then my heart sinks further down and my stomach drops because I go down the rabbit hole of reading additional comments. Bad move.

This is my America today.

Every move, every thought I have is always filled with anxiety of if I am going to encounter a Nazi on the street telling me to go back to where I come from.

I’m sorry that this is our America today.

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