On the Fly #FriYay

It’s the launch of the 1st “episode” for On the Fly #FriYay! A blog/vlog montage of all things fishing!

This week, we went to a special spot in Whidbey Island, WA to go fishing for trout, pink salmon and even king salmon (if we are so lucky). Personally, I wouldn’t advise fishing for king salmon there, it’s not really worth the time and/or effort to fish the puget sound for that. Right now in WA, we are a little early but we should be right at the point where pink salmon are starting to show up in puget sound where we can fish them from shore. Although trout is easily fished in even places like Renton, where you don’t have take a ferry or drive 3 hours, I like going out to different new spots in the PNW, so this time, we thought we would explore this little spot we found in Whidbey.

How did we find it? As all good fisherman and fisherwoman would do, we asked the local people about what the best places to fish and the lady at a gas station told us about this spot because she caught some pink salmon here! I’m sure this is common knowledge at this point, but this year, we are supposed to get 1/7th of the pink salmon run that we usually get, so it’s not going to be easy catching these fish.

Lure: I used two different types of lure and you can see them in the video, but spinners are good for trout and works at this big beach! They are all small fish, so if you are sport fishing and are a beginner, this is a fun spot to go! I would say for experienced fisherman/woman looking for “THE CATCH”, it’s not as fun because even the biggest fish I saw people catching was about 5 pounds.

Times to fish: check times when tide is rising (is when the fish are coming in), but we got there from a different spot around 9 and fished till 12 and we only got 1 big hit and 2-3 small trout hits that we were not successful in bringing in (yes, other than this little guy in the video).

We will try to float by this weekend again, until then – catch ya later (and check out our new video)!


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