I just have so many things to tell you about the Louvre but I have to hold it in until my L O U V R E blog post, so I will refrain. What I will say is that I learned a lot about how history truly repeats itself (I mean, not a surprise), revolution is possible, and it can be done through art.

I also learned a lot of things about what NOT to do in Paris. Here are just three quick things, because I have to get up at 3:30 AM, so I’ll do a laundry list later ๐Ÿ™‚ (promise) :

1. Don’t wear cute shoes:

BECAUSE PEOPLE WILL KICK THEM AND SMALL PIECES WILL GO EVERYWHERE AND THEN YOU WON’T HAVE CUTE WALKABLE PINK SHOES ANYMORE. Yep – that happened to me. See, my little frilly-thingies are missing (above picture) but I’m still trying to be cute.

It happened to my Kat Maconie shoes and I’m super sad about it. Fortunately, I gramed the whole situation and they messaged me right way on Instagram and they are sending me a new pair! (THANK GOODNESS). If you haven’t checked Kat Maconie’s shoes out yet, you totally should. She’s a local designer in London (click here). Also, they are sold at Clementines, so you can always go there if you are in Seattle.

2. Sure, you can walk, but you can Lyft:

#TBH, walking is the best way to get around, but I think if you have to go a little far, you can lyft. The first two days we walked everywhere and we got super drained super fast. I mean we took breaks at cafes if we were walking like 30 – 40 minutes, but we just wanted to see all the things, so we hustled. We took one lyft and it was surcharge pricing, so it was a little high then we were too scared to take it again. BUT, when we checked later, it was totally worth the $6.00 – $10 euros to save our feet and our energy. Trust me, it’s worth it.

3: Don’t try to rush the dining process, also they will look at you weird:

Parisians just take a longer time to eat. They are leisurely and take time to talk while eating, have an appetizer, a meal, then dessert (whether that’s coffee or macaroons, you choose). If it wasn’t for Brian telling me, I don’t think I would’ve known because they take awhile to get around to you because they are not used to the "hurry hurry" American way (which, btw, I prefer the Persian way now). Why not take 2 hours to eat and enjoy each other’s company all the way to dessert?