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Hi salties!

Last weekend, I hosted a brunch with Avi Soor,Amanda Winters, Chef Ericka, and Volunteer Park Caféto bring together influencers in Seattle. The food was AMAZING and I would HIGHLY recommend it, especially because the yellow house is a perfect place to take your Spring photos.

(more pictures of us here) – left to right @curator of cool @jordenjakobs @laidbackallure

I realized how much I LOVE meeting people and (all so soon), how fast I will be leaving to California. Which is a perfect transition into talking about my attempt to dress for the sun in LA.

I’ve been feeling inspired by street fashion and wanting to focus my attention there for this year. I’ve tried ultra fem, the minimalist and the professional (like, the J crew thing) style, and none of those feel as if they fit me or my personality.

I’m more erratic. If I was an art movement, I would be memphis + dada combined.

For me, I think it’s mixing the fem + edgy is the right fit for me. I’ve been shopping for my ultimate Spring/Summer “capsule” (I put it in quotations because I’m not sure if I can just stick to 10 pieces, but we will see). I’m leaning into the minimalist + fem + edgy fashion with a hint of spontaneousness.

So, over the next 4 weeks, I’m going to show you 10 pieces that I’ll be taking to California!

Click here for my inspiration board.

So, here’s my attempt #1. Let’s focus on the shirt because we’ve seen these Warp and Weft pants before.

I’ve been loving the bandana around the neck, which is also the highlight of my outfit. I can wear it with any shirt that’s v-neck, so I think these bandana will be a staple in my wardrobe.

This button up feels dreamy and has a twist on what a regular button up shirt should look like. The details on sleeves that has the fold-it-up attitude makes your arm look thinner (so let’s buy all of them). Also “pancho-esque” cut of the shirt makes the shirt more flowy, which is important because you don’t want to be a sticky AF when it’s hot outside.

I don’t think I totally nailed what my mood board is going for, but I hoping I’ll get close to it next time. If you try a similar look, let me know and DM me a pic or email me at info@salty-blog.com and I’ll feature the best one in my next blog!

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Madewell ShirtMadewell Bandana

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