#TheStyleDigest Launch!

First and foremost, thank you to all who followed the #EuroBlogSeries! It’s been inspiring for us to hear from you on the street and in-store about how much you enjoyed following my fashion journey through Europe, so we’re back with our next series #TheStyleDigest. Here I will take inspiration from current trends and try to make them my own. Finding your personal style is about experimentation and stepping out of your comfort zone to discover what works for you and feels good, and what doesn’t. We hope this will inspire you to break your fashion boundaries and find or refine the style that is authentically you.

The Inspiration:

So let’s get into our first edition – NYFW! The first fashion week of 2017 just ended in NY, NY. Of course, all the biggest trends paraded down the runway: dark florals, mustard yellows, and statement collections that intersect empowerment + fashion. This year one of my favorite crazes is a boyfriend jacket with a broader shoulder paired …

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