When in doubt, go back to the 90s.

FALL. IS. HERE! Are you excited as I am? It’s a time for warm sweaters and all the booties you can find.

Today’s Inspiration was from all things 90s. Remember Spice Girls? They were so iconic for me when I was a child because they were all about girl power and loving yourself! Everyone of them had a very different look and that’s what made them so different! 90s were filled with music groups syncing their looks, but here was a girl group who taught girls to express the inner YOU! For me (the little insecure me), that was powerful even if I didn’t speak English, I understood it was all about the attitude and standing up for what you believe in.

This look is a dedication to the little me…


If you haven’t already, check out video on “postmortem” on last week’s look and if you have any questions about this week’s look, comment on Insta @clementines_seattle and FB @clementines and we will answer them! Follow Crystal @_saltyblog for the daily inspo.


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