Beautycon vs. Vidcon 2018

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Sorry, last week got ahead of me and I didn’t post! I have a lot of exciting campaigns I’m working on and I can’t wait to share with you! But until then, I wanted to show all the BTS photos of Beautycon LA and my review of the whole convention. If you haven’t watched my vlog on Beautycon, you definitely should (part 2 coming this week)!

Since Beautycon, I’ve seen a lot of YouTubers talk about the “toxic scene at Beautycon” and how people were being shady and people wouldn’t talk to you if you weren’t “important enough (aka: if you didn’t’ have a lot of followers).” So, I want to open up about my personal experience about my encounters with other influencers and my thoughts on Beautycon vs. Vidcon.

Beautycon is definitely a whole world of it’s own. When they say “Planet Beautycon”, they are not kidding. More than Vidcon, it felt more Hollywood, ‘exclusive’ and more pressure to “impress.” Maybe that’s just pressure I put on myself, but that’s generally how I felt.

At Vidcon, there weren’t a lot of people walking back and forth with their agents, bodyguards or PR people but at Beautycon, you had bodyguards, PR, agents, and media walking around with a purpose. Everyone looked like they were super busy. If Vidcon was Hawaii, than Beautycon was New York. I mean they had a “pink carpet” where they interviewed influencers. It was all the glam bells and whistles, and #tbh I felt pretty “important” to hang out with these big time influencers.

(Right to left Insta handles:@nicholejacklyne @kaitlyncoskun @natalietashaME BITCH @stella.rae)

I think generally, when you are in beauty, it’s not that people are mean, it’s just that you look a certain way. I mean I have resting bitch face and generally I feel like people don’t approach me for that reason. I didn’t feel like I couldn’t talk to anyone. Everyone that I approached (even when I fan girl-ed over Glowzelle, Kristen from Buzzfeed, or even Bretman, they were really nice. I actually think that this space was less mean than some blogger space that I’ve been to.

Every space has that one person. I’ve literally been in blogger spaces where even after I say hello, people would give me a stank smile and walk away (and like happened recently). So, compared to that, this was more friendly.

I think everyone there were there to network, meet other influencers, and have a good time. At these conventions, I think it really depends on your outlook and what you are trying to get out of it. Even at Vidcon, I was in back to back meetings because I wanted to meet as much people as possible. I even took some meetings at Beautycon to really widen my network.

For everyone who is starting out, I would say – be confident, believe in yourself, and put in the work. Dust off those haters. Beat your face not others. (okay, I’m done).

Hope this was helpful and see you next year at all the conventions! Also if you haven’t already don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel at

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