Benefits of Being Offline (Travel to Belize)

This past week, you probably noticed that I was not posting on social media and I was completely no where to be found online. To be honest, I was not planning to be off the grid. I was planning to post every second of my trip in Belize. I had so many ideas of launching new posts and videos…

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Then I landed in Belize City. Internet was still working then. I was texting my dog care taker and she was sending me cute videos of my dog. 4G LTE was slow but I was still connected to you all. Then we got to the dock, we have a drink and they tell us we have to get on a boat to arrive to our final destination.

We take an hour and a half boat ride to a place called Turneffe flats. The boat ride was so rough that I almost regretted coming, but I made it.

We get an orientation and part of that was learning that they technically have WiFi, but only for emails (basically). Their bandwidth does not allow you to do anything other than write emails.

So, here I am with no internet and no cell service.

I thought, ‘I can do this. A lot of people live without wifi. It’s just me, the ocean, and the crocodiles that live on the island (uh oh).’

The first 3 hours, I was trying to get online or get a text out. I was trying to get back on Instagram and checked every spot on the island for a stronger signal, but I didn’t have any luck. By dinner, I basically gave up and decided that I’m just going to live TOTALLY offline. No phone calls, no text, NO INSTAGRAM.

Without me knowing it, as time went on, it seemed like I actually needed this offline vacation.

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Here are 3 things I learned:

1. Living offline makes you less anxious:

I don’t know if it’s the constant pressure to respond, post or seek partnerships online, but living offline gets rid of all that. Because you are totally offline, they can’t reach you and you can’t reach them. It gets rid of anxiety that you have to constantly “get online” to respond and check things out. Obviously you can’t be offline completely 100% of your life, but it’s nice to be left with your thoughts and have time to prioritize yourself. A little offline time helps organize your life better. I think I will continue this and maybe put my phone on “airplane mode” during set hours. If I (the social media addict) can do it, you can too.

2. Spend time reading more: So obvious, but it never happened when I was constantly on social media. Reading a book is always good for your soul, but you are more likely to see the motion picture of the book or stream the talk show that talks about the book rather than reading it. You can’t stream when there isn’t strong wifi, so I just read random things – fishing, conservation of the ocean, even the “about” section on Turneffe Flatts. Luckily, my neighbor gave me a book and I started reading Crazy Rich Asians so I didn’t have to read info pages any longer.

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I feel more patient and don’t feel like I have to plan every moment of my life:

I feel like I’m connected to myself more when I’m not constantly online. Being out here and exploring nature really helped me reaffirm how much I love seeing the world and exploring. I learned now to be leisurely again rather than being in a state of constant transit. I feel like after a big trip

(even after my big euro trip)

I’m always reminded that I need to take a step back and reassess when things get so hectic. Take a moment, breathe, and take your fingers off the keyboard. Then, head back after you’ve had a moment.

When I was in Belize, I saw this sign that said, “There’s seven days in a week but someday isn’t one of them.”What a great reminder. Do something that scares you a little bit and take a chance on things that you always ‘wanted to do but never had time to.’ Make time because, YOLO.

Let me know what you are taking a chance on and how you take self care time. I’m back online now! DM me on Instagram @_saltyblog if you wanna chat 🙂




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