Best places to take Instagram Worthy Pictures in Orange County

I’ve been in California for about a year now and I have been traveling from Los Angelas to Orange County for work back to home finding all the cute little spots you can go take your most Instagram worthy photographs. Here are my top 5 best places to take insta-worthy pictures in Orange County: 

  • Old Town Tustin: Morning Lavender is one of the most Instagram worthy cafe’s I’ve been introduced to (thanks, Kathy!) During the week, it’s not as crowded, so I would totally recommend going during the week rather than a weekend. There are also a lot of cute little areas with fairy lights, lavender trucks, and flower arrangements you can use as backdrops. There’s also a little Irish pub you can pose in front of. If you have more than one outfit to shoot, this is definitely the location to go! 
Side Hustle to Main Hustle
  • Laguna Art District (Laguna Beach, CA): Laguna is full of art! On your way to Laguna Beach, there are the best art walls you could only imagine in your wildest dreams! While parking is a little difficult, you can park and walk across the strip of art walls and take pictures! The plus side is that most of the time I’ve been there (during the week), it’s been pretty empty so you can get the shots you want without feeling rushed! 
  • Balboa (Newport Beach, CA): This is a little beach town filled with little cute boutiques. When you go to the end of the street where the fire station is (and yes, I believe there’s only one) you come across a cute bridge you can take pictures on and/or in front of. There’s also a lot of cute little cottages that look aesthetically pleasing as a backdrop! If you get tired of taking pictures, you can get some street food or visit one of the many boutiques! 
Costal kitchen in dana point, nautical theme restaurant
(photo by: Google webpage)
  • Coastal Kitchen (Dana Point, CA): This restaurant is instagram heaven. Located right by the “Dana Point” sign, it’s the best little nautical themed restaurant. There’s a bar area in the back with a seat by the window where you can take some photos with the cool nautical decor backdrop. The giant opening doors that open toward the ground level balcony is super relaxing during the Spring months! Definitely a must go for the aesthetic + the food (I usually get a chicken caesar salad and their bread with special herb butter)! 
  • Lido Marina (Newport Beach, CA): This is definitely the “Instagram heaven” everyone has been looking for. It has flower stands, the water, yachts, pink benches, and flower arrangements all over this place. Ever inch of this place was decorated to take pictures. It is also home to a bunch of restaurants that look like that popped out of a magazine, so if you haven’t been here, get a couple of your outfits to shoot and head over. A plus is that they have a public bathroom you can change in!

That’s it for today! Let me know if you want me to highlight other insta-worthy spots in LA! 

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