Beurre, s’il vous plaît!

Means "Butter, please!"

That’s the most used phrase so far, because with a good baguette, you need the butter. I also think that for some reason, the butter here is AMAZING. Like, it just taste EXTRA BUTTER-Y. I heard that it would be, but I didn’t believe it until I tasted the bundle of goodness!

I’m currently traveling in Europe (#europewithme) and will be travelings to Italy, after 5 glorious days in Paris. Me and my hubs (aka: #bribae) will be visiting Rome, Florence, and Milan. I’ve never been to Europe until 2 days ago, so this is huge for me. I’ve always dreamed of walking around the Musée de Louvre because it has always been my first love. I think about all the history (bad and the good) and the art that has been born here. Just visiting the Louvre and listening to all the history was emotionally and mentally exhausting, but in a good way. It was overwhelming but I wanted to keep going. I will be doing a whole post about the Louvre later so don’t forget to check in for that. I am hoping that my writing can bring you the Louvre to you (which is close to impossible, but I will try) and I want to relive it when I look back. Here’s a sneak peek –

Artist like Monet and Renoir were born here and they walked these streets – how cool is that? Gabrielle Chanel opened her first store here (which BTW, I went to and will be visiting again – I’ll share those pics later). I mean those are just the popular ones. Apparently hair dryers were invented here?

Today, I just wanted to open about my travels and next I have some posts planned like Top 5 places to shop, Top 5 places To and Not to to eat (b/c I’ve definitely stumbled upon some), and Top 5 things you should know before you go to Paris, including some important phrases. Here’s some of the things I am planning on doing (let’s see if I get to all of them) –

Catacombs La Promenade Plante Notre Dame de Paris Louvre – yes, the whole thing (going back on Monday) Shopping – duh Fashion Museum Eiffel Tower Flea Market At least w Fabric Stores Le Relais De Venise (Restaurante)

Also, I was so scared because I didn’t know French b/c people said, "Parisians don’t like it if you don’t speak French," there’s some truth, but as long as you are willing to learn, they are pretty nice. So far, no one has been rude to me and I have thankful that they have fully delt with me trying to say, "butter please" request. They only have met me with lots of Beurre!

Here’s a video of my 1st day (I’ll try to keep up), but likely not possible b/c you know #vacayay Also, if you haven’t already, please hit #subscribe on myYoutube channel – here.