Big Bear Lake Fishing Tips

Recently, I went to Big bear with fishing and adventure in mind. Last year, I started with a bold look, so this year, I wanted to start with a bold adventure! As much as I love makeup and dressing up, I love going out into the wilderness and unplugging. I’ve been fishing since I was a kid, so every time I go out fishing or camping, I feel free and “back-home.” 

Brian rigging up the line!

If you are ever out in Big Bear, California, there are multiple of awesome places to fish and off-road, but for the sake of time, I’ll just cover my fishing adventures. The Big Bear lake is pretty giant, so you technically don’t have to go to any of these places that I recommend but these are the places that apparently have the “best chances” of you catching a fish. (Though, I didn’t catch any – check out my vlog on my adventure here). 

(Map of Big Bear Lake – the lake is the yellow outline.)

We went to four locations and fished at three locations. The first location was a little crowded for my taste. When I go fishing, I want to be able to stretch my legs out (metaphorically) and really enjoy without having to battle-fish. These three locations are a little more chill.

For all locations we had to park on the side of the road because the parks (and technically the lake) is closed for the winter. However, the locals told us we can go fish! (See map for below)

Me at location 1! (see map for deets)
  1. Location 1 – More chill, with moderate wind. Not a lot of people. There were a lot of weeds in this location so it was little annoying, but generally a chill spot.
  2. Location 2 – Super windy (It’s called windy point). I think if it wasn’t so cold and so windy, there is a drop off right behind this house and the water is pretty deep. I could potentially see that there would be some fish there. 
  3. Location 3 – More people and rocky. There are little to no weeds there and seems like a popular fishing spot. I really liked this area because it was less windy. We did get couple of bites here but no successful fish was caught 😅


  • We used spinners and 9 ft poles 
  • Bait: worms, garlic scented power bait
  • Leader: 3 ft leader
  • Rig: We tried two different ways to rig it up. One is a normal rig with weights, swivel, and a 3 ft leader. (weights should be dependant how windy it is and where the fish are). 
  • If you use worms or eggs, you want to put the weight below the hook by a couple of ft. 

The guy at the bait shop told us that the fish are coming to the surface but the day that we went, the weather drastically changed so I think the fishes went little more down to the bottom of the lake. The fishes swim lower when it’s too cold out so I think we needed to go down more or maybe the fishes weren’t just into it that day. 

If you have any other tips on fishing in Big Bear, I would love to hear it. Let me know in the comments below! ✨

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