Bolder LEWK for the New Year

Happy New Year!

Salty Blog Galaxy 2019 Look

I can’t believe it’s 2019! It’s been a JOURNEY in 2018. From uprooting my entire life to come to California and start a new life here to meeting Snoop Dogg at Beautycon – can I just say, uhm wow? (Watch my rewind here!)

This year, I’m not setting giant resolutions that will leave me feeling like a failure if I don’t achieve them. Instead, I’m going to set pint-sized goals that will help me get to my “final destination.” In career, family, and health I’ve always set these BIG goals because they were things I wanted to achieve, but maybe it was because of this ideal life that I saw on Instagram. Obviously, an Instagram life is not attainable, because it’s just a highlight reel. Real life is not meant to be lived through an aesthetic Instagram filter. I think I got a little caught up with that mindset in 2018.

Salty Blog Galaxy 2019 Look
Salty Blog Galaxy 2019 Look

With much self-reflection, I realized that I want to push the boundaries of my creativity. I want to create content that empowers + inspires and builds a strong community.

So here’s my three-pint sized goals for 2019:

  • Career Stay on schedule! I do have big goals for my studio, blog, and YouTube channel but the biggest thing I’ve learned in 2018 is that I am not good at staying on schedule. I always get caught up doing other things or pushing my priorities for others. While flexibility is good, I want to remember this year as part of the reason why I’m doing things at a certain time which is to get things done ON TIME. You gotta trust the process, right?
  • Family & Friends Work together! No matter my goals or where I’m at, my family & friends have always been by my side cheering me on. This is just a friendly reminder to myself that no matter the goal, we can do it if we are in it together.
  • HealthExercise 30 minutes everyday!  In 2015, I was over 200 pounds because I was working 100 hours a week and eating McDonalds everyday. I had to change my habits because I was getting very bad heartburns to the point of it disturbing my sleep. I’ve lost a lot of weight since then and my heartburns are no longer waking me up at night. This year, I want to spend 30 minutes exercising at least 5 times a day to continue being healthy.

That said, I have a special announcement on the note of “creating content that empowers + inspires!” Every month, I’ll be choosing a theme and executing styles/lewks related to those themes. If you have seen the pictures, you have already guessed January is themed: GALAXY. I’ve always been fascinated with space and the stars! For every look and style, I’ll (obvi) tell you where I got it. If you ever recreate the look, send it to and I’ll feature you in #snazziesalty where I pick inspiring looks and styles every Saturday!

Salty Blog Galaxy 2019 Look
Salty Blog Galaxy 2019 Look

So, here’s my schedule!

You can expect blog posts every Thursday and videos every Wednesday on my YouTube channel!

Salty Blog Galaxy 2019 Look
Salty Blog Galaxy 2019 Look

January 🌙 – Galaxy  

February 💖 – “On Wednesdays, we wear pink”

March 🍀- TBD

April 🌺🌴 – Music Festival

May 💕 – Summer Fling

June✨ – Under the Stars

July📚 – Back to School

August 🌆 – TBD

September🍂 – Fall

October 🎃 – Let’s get Spoopy!

November 🦃 – Giving Thanks

December 🎄 – Jingle Balls


Edited by: Samantha Yazzie

Instagram: @issasammyyeezy



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