Combating Creative Block: Ways To Refill Your Creative Juices

By: Julisha Kim

We fear creative block. I get it. We as creatives make a living out of our creativity so we need to be creative as much as possible. But let’s be real: we’re all human and we can never be creative 24/7. Creative block is natural and will come sooner or later. Perhaps you’re in the middle of it as I speak. I regularly run into creative blocks, but I’ve learned to take certain steps to overcome it. Let me tell you five ways to refill your creative juices:

1 Pause and take a break.

Sometimes, compilation of stress and fatigue halts your creativity. Your body and brain has limited capacities. We all need time to refresh and regenerate. Give yourself a break to get your creative juices back!

2 Validate all feelings and vent out.

It’s ok to be uninspired and unmotivated. It’s ok to admit to the fact that you’re stuck and have no idea at all. It’s ok to feel bad because of these things (as long as you don’t stay there for too long). All of these are all very normal in your creative journey. So don’t be in denial. Validate your feelings and, if you can, grab a friend who understands and vent out. To combat your creative juices, emptying out once in a while will help you keep your mind healthy and sane.

3 Spend some mindless time.

In my experience, mindless times have given me the most creative thoughts, ironically. When you let your thoughts wander around, your brain brings back wonders. To give you some examples, my mindless activities are: taking a long shower, blow-drying my hair, chopping vegetables, folding laundry, spacing out in the backyard, stretching, and so on.

4 Explore and try new things.

If you’re already stuck in one thing, might as well take it as an opportunity to try new things. Do something new. It can be as simple as creating something with a different medium / style or reading a new book. Try learning a new skill or subject. Maybe you wanted to learn sewing or take a dance lesson. New experiences bring excitements, which could be therapeutic in a way. Perhaps you could come up with a new passion project this way. To give you some tips: try making a bucket list of things to try out ahead of time so when that block hits you, you have a list to resort to.

5 Stop scrolling; drop that phone.

Following your role models on social media is definitely insightful. Learning how these trailblazers’ worked their way up to their success is incredibly motivating. However, when you’re at creative block, do not spend your day scrolling. When you’re in the negativity, your brain automatically compare their success to your “un-success”. But remember, we all began our journey at different times and we all have a different pace so that comparison is unfair. Instead of scrolling and comparing, intentionally detach yourself from the internet and spend time.

How to get your creative juices flowing blog post

Julisha Kim – Design Director, Studio Salty

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