Dress for Less on Mother’s Day

Hi salties,

Mother’s Day is TOMORROW, so I want to share a little bit about my Mom and what I would wear if I could fly to Hawaii and brunch with her.

I grew up in South of Seoul in a town called Taegu in South Korea. My mom raised us to be bilingual so I learned Korean first and English second. Back then, I hated that she made that choice for me. Why did she make us learn Korean first? I was constantly behind, couldn’t talk to my dad because he spoke 99% English and it was definitely harder to make friends.

But now, I cherish it so much because I am still fluent in Korean and now fluent in English. I realize now that they as parents, made a sacrifice to make me better. Being bilingual is like having the best of both of worlds! She always saw the bigger picture for me even when I didn’t (and through all my complaining).

Now, I see my parents once a year because they both live in Hawaii. I’m so jealous when other families get to have special holidays together because before this year, I never had the freedom to just fly whenever because of work. Most times, I get to see them once a year. But this year is super special because I get to see them after TWO. WHOLE. YEARS. in September.

I went through some hard times when I was a Freshman in college after being dropped off in the US for the first time to go to University of Washington. I was depressed because US was not friendly to a little girl who came from Korea who knew nothing about the states. My mom told me, “I know it’s hard, but you have to finish college because knowledge is the only thing people cannot take away from you.”

So thank you Mom for being my shero and inspiration and constantly pushing learn hard and grow into a stronger woman everyday.

About my outfit

Before you shop this outfit, check out this blog post I did with Clementines for Mother’s Day and do some last minute shopping (if you need it)!

One of my first purchases after I landed in California! I got it from Nordstrom Rack. I also LOVE that they have some CUTE AF dresses for the Spring. If you are looking for dresses for less, there’s your spot! Here are some similar options because I can’t find the one I bought online! (click to shop)

Shoes from Intentionally Blank

Second Pair of Shoes from Ralph Lauren (My mom goes those for me!)

Sunnies from Clementines Seattle


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