Eyelashes 101: How to Get Longer Lashes at Home

Today on the blog, Cassandra Paige, a celebrity makeup artist, goes over how to get longer eyelashes and combat those falsies that are slowly disappearing during this quarantine.

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Hey beauties! Welcome back to this week’s quarantine beauty rescue tips. I always get asked about false lashes and which ones I love best. And let me tell you, that’s a loaded question! I figured what better time than now, than to dive into the world of eyelashes?! Since we are entering week 6(?) of quarantine and all of our eyelash extensions are either hanging on by a thread or have already said their goodbyes, I wanted to create a lash guide so you can make your lashes look just as great as if you were going to get them professionally done! It’s a trying time. But, don’t fret, I am here to solve your eyelash woes. From Serums to Mascaras to False Lashes, I’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in.


soft glam, eyelashes care, fair skin beauty model, salty collective, cassandra paige, lash care

Your eyes are the nipples of the face. No, really, it’s not just a reference to “House Bunny” (I love you, Anna Faris). Your eyes are everything. They really are the focus of your face because they are what everyone looks at first, so why not make them fabulous?! And the best part of this is that there isn’t just one type of “fabulous” in this whole sha-bang. We are all shabangin’ ( Definitely just made that up #shabangin) in our own way and that alone is absolutely fabulous. So below, I am going to give you all the deets on how to take care of your lashes and also how to make them look as if you got them professionally done! 


Since we are in quarantine, I know we all have been neglecting our lashes, especially if you usually get your bi-weekly lash extensions. But don’t worry, I have a new plan for you, so you can have long, healthy lashes without having to spend the time or money! Here is your guide on how to have healthy lashes that are long, thick and gorgeous! 


Arishine – professional eyelash & brow enhancing serum (click to shop)

You need a serum if you want to have thicker lashes naturally. As we age, our lashes can thin out and even start falling out, especially if you get lash extensions regularly or happen to sleep in your makeup every once in a while (pro tip: keep makeup wipes next to your bed for when you end up forgetting to take your makeup off after a night out!). This stuff works for everyone and has amazing reviews. It also helps your eyebrows grow too! So, if you want to reverse the 90’s brow damage we all are guilty of, try this bad boy out!

soft glam, eyelashes care, fair skin beauty model, salty collective, cassandra paige, lash care, sen organics

Let’s talk mascara for your eyelashes:

I swear finding the right mascara is like finding a needle in a haystack sometimes. There are SO many options and it’s hard to know when you have bought the right one because usually you either can’t try them on or you have to use a different applicator to try them on and the applicator is everything. So I did the dirty work and tried them all out for you! Here are my favorite mascaras for each and every one of you!


L’Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes Washable Mascara

For anyone who hates washing off their mascara at night, this is for you. It comes off in “tubes” so it doesn’t smudge! It doesn’t have the best volume, but it definitely gives you the length. It is two sided–one side is white, which you want to apply first if you are looking to have that extra “wow” effect. This mascara leaves your lashes looking long and nicely separated. 


Dior Show Mascara

If you want the perfect cat eye, then you need this mascara. The brush is big and fluffy, but also tapered at the end so it helps flare your lashes out at the ends. It is nice and dark, so it really makes your eyelashes pop. The only downside to this guy is that it tends to dry out quicker than others. So make sure you close it tight!


Neutrogena Healthy lengths Lash-Lengthening Mascara

Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist tested, this eyelashes mascara is perfect if you have sensitive eyes. It also won’t hurt your lashes if you are trying to build up their strength because it is easy to remove. It doesn’t flake throughout the day and the brush makes it easy to use.  


L’Oreal Paris Original 

A long time favorite and go-to. This mascara is perfect for a night out. It is the blackest of blacks and really makes your lashes stand out. It is best for when you want a more dramatic look. Pro Tip–make sure to scrape any excess buildup on the brush before you use, so you don’t clump your lashes together!


L’Oreal Paris Voluminous X Fiber Mascara

I LOVE this mascara for my eyelashes because it has two brushes. One is skinny and tapered in the center, which makes it perfect for your bottom lashes or the inner corners of your eyes. The other side is curved and fluffy which makes it easy to apply to your top lashes without clumping them together. 

soft glam, fair skin beauty model, salty collective, cassandra paige, lash care, eyelashes


Maybelline Great Lash

Great Lash Waterproof mascara is a cult classic for everyone. This mascara has been around forever and there is a reason why! This stuff doesn’t budge once it’s on (even when swimming), so make sure you have good remover for when you want to take it off! I suggest an oil based eye-makeup remover so you don’t have to scrub and break your lashes.


Instead of spending money on eyelash extension, try using individual false lashes. I am a firm believer in them and their superpowers of creating the same effect, without ruining your natural lashes. I prefer individuals over strips for a few reasons. Everyone usually assumes that strip lashes are easiest to apply, but I have found that individuals are the real gems! That’s because they are less noticeable to the naked eye, so it’s better for beginners. If you don’t apply them perfectly, its ok because they blend in with your natural lashes a lot easier whereas strip lashes tend to lift up on the corners of your eye throughout the day and have a thicker band, so unless you apply them directly on your lash line, you will be able to see where your real lashes end and the false one starts. All you need are three different lengths of lashes, tweezers or some finger nails , some glue and then BOOM,  you are ready to take over the world!


Duo Lash Glue

My all time favorite glue is by DUO. It comes in two colors, white/clear or black. Both colors work great, just for different reasons. If you usually wear liner or are an expert at applying falsies, then the black is the best option. If you are newer to this whole false lash thing or if you tend to go for a more natural eye look, then you want to use the white. It comes out white, but dries clear so don’t be alarmed!


Get the Faux Mink from Ardell and the Ardell 3D Individuals Combo Pack

In order to achieve that flawless natural yet sultry look, you want to use three different lengths of individual lashes. The reason being because our own lashes tend to be three different lengths naturally–from longest on the outer corner to shortest on the inner corner. Ardell makes hands down the best false lashes. I have two favorites depending on what type of look you want to achieve. They make “3D” natural, thin, long individuals that have been a cult favorite for all makeup artists to use on their celebrity clients for red carpet events. You want to get these if you want to create a natural, wispy look and are more concerned about length than thickness. If you want thicker lashes, my favorite are their “fauxmink” lashes. They are darker and thicker than the other ones and this will help you create a more dramatic, eyelash extension type look.

soft glam, makeup tips, fair skin beauty model, salty collective, cassandra paige, lash care, eyelashes

Is one of your favorites on this list? Are you going to try any of these tips and tricks? Let me know in the comments below!

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