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Hi salties,

I’ve been in California for maybe a week and a half now and I feel like the weather has been about the same as Seattle until today. Apparently there’s a thing called “May Grey,” and it’s usually more gray than usual. For me it’s perfect because I am not uncomfortably hot which means I can wear loose long sleeves and jeans.

I know I talked about my top fave transitional clothing in my closet,but I think I’m going to adopt this as my new “uniform” for these semi-grey days. I like that the heels that give me a little boost and I’ve found that shoes like these (more recent faves from Intentionally Blank) are the perfect adoption to my everyday outfit. It’s comfy, makes you taller and #TBH it makes you look leaner. Who needs working out when you have heels? (JUST KIDDING – am I though?) I recommend doing three things to finding your perfect uniform (aka: everyday outfit) –

Less boring, but not showy – I like to find pieces that are less showy but also less boring. So not a full on floral shirt that is OBVIOUS if you wear it everyday, but maybe a white shirt with a little bit of embroidery.

Shoes that are comfy, but also has height – I’ve recently transitioned into slides (like this one from Clementines Seattle and Miista, but I would recommend something that’s comfy but has some height. I like having height to my everyday because I’m 5’3 so it gives me a sense of “official-ness” like, I’m not just walking around the house but out-and-about-feeling.

Stretchy jeans that hold it all in – Just really, any pair that does that fits the bill.

The top is from Free People and it’s one of the shorter tops. It definitely pushes me out of my comfort zone because it cuts higher than my other tops. My friend recently told me that we need find inspiration within ourselves and not look for inspiration on random instagram pages. So I did that, reflected on a lot of feelings, and bought a shorter top shirt because I realized that I wasn’t wearing a shorter top not because of other people’s expectations but my own expectation on myself on being “thin.” So, f#@( that mentality. Let’s set new intentions and f*&( social norms together.

Enjoy this outfit and power to you, salties!

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