Find your happy place

#feelingsfridays is here! This segment of the blog is where I talk transparently about blogging, running a YouTube channel, and curating that “perfect” Instagram.

Instagram has over 800 million users, Facebook has over 2 billion users, and each month YouTube has 1 billion active users. I’m telling you boring a$$ statistics to remind you that the world of social media is GINORMOUS, which is why there’s a spot in social media for everyone – you just have to find it. You have to reach the people that will love YOU for who you are, and you don’t have to conform to being a stereotypical bloggers or influencer to be popular. Just be YOU. Being genuine and authentic always shines through.

It took me a while to realize HOW to express myself or how to be true to myself #tbh while being authentic. I am pretty basic, I’m not gonna lie. I like unicorns, sparkles, glitter, cactuses and all things rainbow. I also like pastels and the color pink and yellow. So I am on the trend train hard core.

But I’m not mad about it because I think I put a sassy + salty twist (what’s up brand reference) on my creations!

Through trends, the ice cream museum was born(which is f(*^king brilliant) and so was this thing called thehappy place. Who knew that delving into your passions HARD CORE and truely believing in your vision would bring AMAZING bursts of joy like this one?

They have taken basic and trending concepts and taken it one step deeper. AND I’M OBSESSED.

So, what have I learned from submerging myself into the Happy Place? Plunge into your creativity a little bit more. If you have to wear heels in bed and eat s’mores, then do that to grease up those creative gears (no, just me?).

I used to regiment my creativity. For example, I schedule out my days to be inspired, write or make a video but sometimes you have to just jump when the feeling is right. If you are a new creative, blogger or YouTuber, try to be less regimented. If you are less regimented, try the more regimented. Just try it for 3 days and report back what happened. Did it change your perspective? You might be surprised what you get done or concepts you think of during this time!

So let’s promise an opposite day for 3 days (tweet this to promise you will let it go)!


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