Fishing Graveyard | Vlog!

Happy #FriYay!

It’s been a while since OTF! Brian and I have been both SUPER busy with professional certifications and my new job! We’ve fished less, but we got some big trips planned for the Winter. I won’t reveal them now, but you’ll definitely see us on the vlog!

I’ve always enjoyed fishing, because of the quiet. It really FORCES you to get off social media. There is no case in which you can hold a phone and fish at the same time! Since I’m always so plugged in, I love having a mini vacation for my brain and nimble thumbs.

In this vlog, we went to Skykomish River in Washington. We found so many dead fishes because salmon are swimming up, laying their eggs, and decomposing (as they do). It’s creepy, because I’ve never seen so many of them up close! Check it out on the vlog!


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