Five Self Care Rituals You Need To Try

Today on #saltycollective, Stacey Lu talks about self care rituals you need to try right now!

Breathing exercises, loving meditations, abundance practices are all great to center yourself and so helpful in relieving anxiety and stress. Sometimes, however, you just need some products to add to that self care practice.

Like any other person, self care for me can look like face and hair masks, lighting a candle or incense stick, and taking a nice hot bath. But I also like to incorporate some of my own personal touches into my self care routine.

Today I’ll be sharing five of my favorite self care products and rituals I have in my self care kit that always helps me stay grounded and brings me peace of heart and mind:

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(All self care products are linked via text so if you want to check them out you can just click on it!)

1. Essential Oils Aromatherapy and Diffuser

Turning on my essential oils diffuser is one of my favorite ways to not only make my bedroom smell like a heavenly and expensive spa, but also help with a variety of ailments depending on the combination of oils. Before bed, I like to add a few drops of lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree to the water in the diffuser to calm, soothe, and promote better sleep. Lavender helps with relaxation, treat anxiety and depression, and insomnia, along with so many other benefits. Eucalyptus is great for clearing your sinuses, so if you’re a snorer, this one really helps! Tea tree is not only great for topical use, but when used in aromatherapy, it helps diminish feelings of stress and is also immune boosting. During the day, for a pick-me-up, I like to use citrus blends and peppermint or grapefruit oil. These oils are great for energy stimulation, boosting mood, and also soothing the nerves and reducing stress. This is basically my “make me happy” oil blend. The water diffusers are also so easy to use. Just fill with water and add a few drops of the oil blends and turn on. Best part is that it can also double as a gentle humidifier. 

2. Heated Lavender Neck Pillow

If you ever feel like your shoulders are constantly up at your ears, this is the product for you. These microwaveable neck pillows are a godsend when you have a headache or tightness in the shoulders. They are made with flax seed and real lavender to help with maximum relaxation. The flaxseeds retain heat really well, and can be reheated over and over in the microwave. The pillow can also be used cold by leaving it in a plastic bag in the freezer for cooling sensation. I love using it both ways depending on the weather and how I feel. I use it hot in winter, or when I need some muscle relaxation, and I use it out of the freezer during the summer to relieve headaches. Draping it over my shoulders and just relaxing in front of the TV or in bed with a good book is one of life’s most comfortable moments. Also you can easily make your own eye masks or small pillows with flax seeds and dry lavender! 

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3. Heart Talk by Cleo Wade

Speaking of books, “Heart Talk” by Cleo Wade was given to me for my birthday by one of my best friends. It’s technically a book of poetry, but it’s really an entire compilation of affirmations and self-love mantras. Literally, whenever I’m feeling like I need a reminder of love, or if I’m just feeling a little off, I can pick up this book, flip to a random page and instantly feel inspired. Wade has a way of just understanding how to say just what we need to hear, when we forget how worthy and loved we are. She promotes positive, self-affirmations and self-confidence. Aptly titled, “Heart Talk” is the script we need to speak to ourselves. 

4. Comfortable with Uncertainty by Pema Chodron

This book is probably one of my favorites. It acts like my bible, and my ultimate guidance. Pema Chodron, an American Tibetan Buddhist ordained nun. This book is broken up into one page stand-alone chapters that help us cultivate compassion, and understand how to navigate our life’s challenges. Chodron uses key core concepts of Buddhist thoughts and practices, and explains them in digestible and easy-to-understand passages. It is through this book that I really understood the importance of letting go, living with mindfulness, how to navigate fear, and shift my mindset and heart. I am still working through this book, as every chapter is so enlightening and I have to sit with each teaching for a while and reflect on it before moving on. Definitely recommend this for every library. 

oracle cards, self care items, ritual blog post, asian american model

5. Oracle Cards 

While I use my tarot cards regularly to gain clarity and seek guidance, I feel that tarot reading can be a little difficult for people who do not have the time or desire to learn. If you can, I definitely recommend adding tarot reading into your self care routine, as they help immensely to clear up confusions, to help with stagnation, and to shift perspectives. You could also get tarot card reading done by a reader virtually or in person. However, if you’re not looking to learn the entire process of tarot reading, oracle cards are also amazing. Sometimes, oracle cards are used alongside tarot to add to the reading, however, oracle cards can also be drawn on their own. Definitely more accessible and user-friendly, oracle card decks vary according to their creator. Oracle decks can range from affirmations, goddesses, elements, crystals, moon cycles, spiritual guides, and more. Each deck comes with its own manual that explains the meaning of each card, usually detailing a prompt and ritual to guide the reader. The oracle deck linked is only one of many different oracle decks you can find. A quick google search can bring up all the different oracle cards available and you can find one you resonate with the most. 

Let me know if these are some self care rituals you’ve tried in the past or you would try after reading this blog post! I would love to hear from you!


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