How to budget for a blog

It’s Feelings Friday so today I wanted to talk about something a little more utility based (and of course share some bomb ass photos). This week, I’m talking about BUDGETS while blogging. TBH It’s very hard to budget for blogging and worse if you are doing blogging and YouTube. Unless your Song of Style or Chriselle Factor, I feel like the road to influencer is fun but not all that glamorous as it seems.

When you are starting out, you are buying trends left and rightand one day you look into your closet and there ain’t shit to wear because you LITERALLY only have the top 10 best hits of Zara. This happens to me every season but I feel like I’ve gotten it a little under control and here’s how I did it:

Shop within your style – Obvious right? Actually it’s not obvious. When you see cute shirts with cactuses and people are wearing it, I want to just squeeze them because it’s so freaking adorable! For me cute cactus prints are to look at and not to wear. I think I’m more of a boob print tee sort of person. My personality just doesn’t match the cute cactuses even if I love it. I look better, feel more authentic in a boob print. That’s just the god honest truth. So, shop your style because there’s something for everyone out there. Also, when you do, you will see that you will wear your clothes more often, not only for a photoshoot. Bottom line, buy trends that last on YOU because it’s more YOU.

Set a limit and track against it – Pull up any app or even imessage yourself on how many “trending items” you want to buy this month. Maybe it’s 10 or maybe it’s 1. Writing it down creates an arbitrary commitment to yourself and it works! Setting limits also FORCES you to get creative with your outfits and recreate from what you have. Fashion is supposed to be about expressing you. Don’t let the clothing define you. Let the clothing be an accessory to you.

Bless and Release -For a long time I think I try to look like a certain type of “popular girl.” You know those blonde white girls on Instagram with a bomb ass booty? I’m not gonna lie, I tried to look like that. And no tea no shade hunni, they are great, but that ain’t me. I needed to be comfortable in my own skin and it had nothing to do with clothes. If something doesn’t fit (mentally and physically) right now, bless and release. Be yourself because everyone else is taken.

Let me know if you have other ways you budget on buying trends or are there other bloggers out there you read with better advice? Let me know in the comments below!

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