How to Letter Heart Bubble Letters

Happy Thursday, it’s Julisha here! Today, I’m showing you how to letter Heart Bubble Letters. Last week, I showed you how to draw Cute Bubble Letters and today is Heart Bubble Letters. In this Heart Bubble Letters tutorial, we’re going to learn how to letter bubble letters in the shape of a heart.


This week, I chose to letter “kindness” as a friendly reminder to be kind to each other. Kindness is a great gift you can give people for… FREE! When we’re facing hardships, we tend to forget to be kind because our days are full of struggles. But let’s remember that we’re all suffering together in 2020 and our smallest act of kindness could mean the world to somebody. Now, let’s get started on Heart Bubble Letters!


[Click this photo to watch the video!]

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Materials you need to draw Heart Bubble Letters are:


Simple five steps to draw Heart Bubble Letters are:

  1. Draw Guidelines
    For this tutorial, we’re simply going to draw one horizontal line and one vertical line right at the center. We’ll be using these centerlines to draw a heart.
  2. Draw “Skeletons”
    Using the horizontal and vertical centerlines from step #1, we’re going to draw a heart on the center of the paper. Because I’m drawing a long word – kindness – inside the heart, the heart is going to be shaped wide. Once you’re satisfied with the shape of the heart, roughly space out the word inside the heart shape. One composition tip is to extend certain parts of the letters in negative spaces of adjacent letters. For example, the tail of letter S is tucked inside the negative space of the letter E.
  3. Add Weight
    Once letter skeletons are drawn, we’re going to add weight to the letters. Unlike last week’s bubble letters, we’re going to draw the edges flat (vs. round).
  4. Stylize Letters
    After the weights have been added, we’re going to stylize the letters. To make the letters look more like bubbles, we’re going to add the reflections. Bubble reflections can be complicated to wrap your head around. One simple way to draw reflections is to draw them on corners that are diagonally across from each other. For this tutorial, I drew reflections on the upper left and bottom right corners of the letters. Then, for a more bubbly and floating vibe, we’re going to decorate the background with small bubbles and stars.
  5. Ink It
    Now, we’ll get into the inking step! We’re going to ink the pencil sketch in the order of: the outline of the letters and bubble reflections, bubbles and stars illustration, outline of the heart, and inside the letters. Since the letters don’t have details that make the letters pop, we’re going to add thick outlines to make them stand out more.


Did you enjoy today’s tutorial? Let me know if it was helpful to you — we want to hear from you! Now it’s your turn to draw leafy letters. What will you letter? 



Julisha Kim / @julishakim



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