How to Letter: How to draw Funky Letters Inside a Shape

Today let’s talk about how to letter. Specifically, how to draw funky letters inside a shape!

Quarantine has been extended — is everyone doing ok and staying safe? Pandemic got us anxious and worried about everything. But, it’s important that we try best to stay positive and productive in order to endure and get through it — especially in rough times like this.

In that spirit, Studio Salty is bringing you the “How-To-Letter” series created by yours truly — Julisha 🙂 Yes, we understand that art doesn’t save lives or grant you financial relief BUT it does help with your mental health. Also, we believe in sharing information and knowledge so let’s get right into it!


First of the “How-To-Letter” series is: how to draw funky letters inside a shape. Continue reading for materials needed and easy 5-step instructions.

Materials: paper, ruler, pencil, eraser, pen and your curiosity to try things 🙂


  1. Draw Guidelines
    Draw the square shape in which will contain the letters. Make sure the shape is nicely centered on paper.
  2. Draw “Skeletons”
    Inside the square, write the word in stick letters, roughly positioning the letters.
  3. Put Some Weight
    Put some weight onto the stick letters drawn in the previous step. Keep in mind of the spacing between the letters.
  4. Stylize Letters
    After letterforms are drawn, stylize the letters by decorating the inside. Tip to decoration is to balance the positive and negative space (black and white) by alternating patterns.
  5. Ink It
    Now, it’s time to ink your pencil drawing!

Was this helpful to you? Let me know if you want to learn a specific style! Next in this series is: how to letter beveled 3D block letters — coming soon next week!


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