Lemonade, not the album

When life gives you lemons, wear it as a shirt!

I’m sure print on print fashion has been trending for a good minute, but my most memorable time for print on print fashion really hit me was when I saw Mindy Kaling’s wardrobe on The Mindy Project. Maybe it’s because it was one of the first times I saw a “thick” beautiful API woman wearing things that is traditionally worn by “skinny girls.” Since there are less variety as you move up the “size” ladder, I always thought that I couldn’t wear it.

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Although, I have been slowly sizing down because I’ve been working out to reduce heartburns, it still shocks me when things fit me from regular department stores. I got this lemon shirt from Nordstrom Rack. The little tie gives detail and cinches your waste.

Okay, let’s move on because who cares about the rest of the outfit? LET’S TALK ABOUT THE HAT. I’ve been obsessing over these types of hats lately and this one is AWESOME because a) I got it off of an Anthropology sale and b) it has a fuzzy ball on it. Like what? This totally takes my outfit to a new level. I can even see this styled with a simple blue jeans and a white shirt.

I’ve been really feeling myself lately. Maybe it’s because it’s LGBTQ month and I think this is the first year where I’ve been completely out for a whole full year?

Whatever the month, I love this outfit and this fuzzy hat. I challenge you to try to find that outfit you tell yourself “I can’t wear ,” and just go for it.

Also, I want to feature you all since you all have been my rock as I head into the next big chapter in my life. If you try this look, hashtag #saltystylezz and tag @_saltyblog and I’ll feature you on my blog!

As for this week, thank you to@thejennychoiand @nomstopmel for being part of my #saltyinstafam



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