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Most of you know that I am a part-time fashion designer ofAnguay Reed Designs, but if you are new, surprise (and welcome)! So as a good business woman that I am, I went and attended the Seattle Art Show. It was a stretch because the booth pricing is $500 so I did have to save some $ of my own. But, I found love in all the places that I didn’t think I would find, which was making friends with local designers and boutique owners. So, this week, I brought you some local loves that I found through the Seattle Gift Show.

Since being a local designer, I’ve found a lot of appreciation for what it means to be “made local.” The long hours in the studio, endless experiments that fails, and endless marketing of your products. Damn, “running a business is a beast” as a good new friend Rachal would say. It seriously is. You sometimes think that you created a job for yourself that you shouldn’t have… (I’m just being real) But we all do it because at the end of the day, we love it and we love bringing our creations to you!

So here are top three brands @ the Seattle Art Fair (other than mine, of course) that I love the most:


Bohemian Salt (click to view)– Rachal and Gena are two AMAZING ladies who hand makes jewelry. They are based out of a farm in Oregon and they live RIGHT by the river (where you can go fishing, now you see why I became friends with them? jk). Their products are not only well made, but they really put their hearts and soul into every little aspects of the business like how their necklaces look on the stand. What I love about them the most is that they are such amazing, warm humans. I’ve never met two people who are such good humans IN MY LIFE. If you have a chance, go visit the store, buy a little jewelry, because who doesn’t need one of these? I got this cactus one because,

OMG CACTUS – IT’S SO CUTE (get it here).



Naked Truth Beauty (click to view) – Lauren is the owner and creator of Naked Truth Beauty. She’s smart and just the most funniest human. She makes beauty products that are sustainable for the environment and socially responsible. What does that mean? It means that you can actually recognize what goes into the make up that she makes. Even her packaging is bio-degradable! I mean, come on, you have to shop there.

I’m wearing the lip and cheek “as if” (get it here)and I also go the bath salts (guilt-free) (get it here).

Larkin’s Woodshop (click to view)– Connor is the owner of the shop and he’s pretty awesome. He hand makes everything as well! His wife runs his Instagram and they are a great team (just like me and my #bribae) you always need the wind under your wings and sometimes that’s your partner! He lives out far (like really far) in Lynden, Washington where his wood shop is! I got this “U R ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ” because I got some exciting news soon that I will need this for! He has a lot more things like this very hip and charming mountain wall hanger – ugh, my fave.

Through this, I hope you can find what you are looking for #locally and make the effort to #shoplocal. We all deserve a chance to survive as much as the big box stores, don’t we?



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