Meaning Behind Salty Blog

Hi salties!

I’m sorry for being one week behind but #vidcon happened and I WAS NOT READY HUNNI. Definitely was a lot more than I thought it was! My body is SO SORE from being active from 8 AM – 2 AM, but I survived. I’ve learned so many things, and I’ll definitely have that on my YouTube channel soon! Also, if you are reading this, GO SUBSCRIBE NOW, because I am posting a video everyday this week to thank YOU for creating this amazing community around Salty Blog!

So this #saltyweek (suggest a better name if you have one) starts on Wednesday (naturally during #saltyglowup)! It’s going to be LIT, I’m so excited share with you all the makeup and life things! You’ll see me sharing real things that I haven’t before. I’m a bit scared but I’m ready to take it on if y’all are there!

That said, this week, I wanted to talk about why my name is “salty.” Y’all know by now that I was born and raised Korea (In the photos, I’m wearing my Korean traditional dress called han-bok). What you may not know is that English is my second language! When I was growing up, I didn’t have a lot of friends because I didn’t speak english AND I was a bit overweight AND had low self-esteem.

I was bullied – like, hard – like, everyday. There was this girl named Esther who was SO MEAN and took my lunch money all the time. She constantly called me fat and I didn’t deserve lunch. Then my dog was hit by a car and I was just… in more of a darker place than anyone should’ve been when you are in third grade.

Then in fifth grade, I knew I was bisexual but I never told anyone except my diary. Then my diary was stolen and my “friends” spread it all across the school and I was made fun of for being lesbian. Actually, till this day, my parents does not know about that.

I just felt like I could NEVER catch a break. But then one day, I joined swim team and all that changed. I made friends through my swim team AND I’ve gotten healthier because I got regular exercise. My first friends were made through the beach and by the water. Also, my family is from Hawaii and I didn’t even know that until I was in 10th grade, which was another life changing experience (a blog of a different time).

(hanbok with a modern twist with my Air Force one)

Due to my upbringing, I’ve always have a positive association with everything water and ocean related and I wanted that to be the cornerstone of my blog. I wanted to take an element of the ocean and represent who I am holistically and that’s why my blog is called Salty Blog.

I’ve really found a new voice through being a blogger and now I’m taking it to YouTube where I can be more transparent with you all!

This blog, whether on YouTube or blog, is a place for us to heal and to lift each other up. Here, I want to stand up to bullies and push empowerment into our life. Through fashion and makeup, I’ve really learned how to express myself and I hope this blog inspires you to do the same! Thank you for joining me and if you are new, welcome!


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