Must Try: Facial Cleansers of All Different Price Range

Today, we are going to talk about facial cleansers of all different price range, because y’all we gotta clean our skin ON A BUDGET (especially these days). But, if you got it like that, I’ve outlined some options for you bougee betches too.

Facial Cleansers of All Different Price Range, tata harper, lancer, innis free

If you have been keeping up with the posts, we’ve covered my essentials: Eye Creams That Erase Those Wrinkles, Face Oils You Must Try, and Skincare Must Haves for Transitional Weather. But we kind of skipped over the one part that we ALL do – Face wash!  

With cleansers, there are so many options out there, but below are some that are in my normal routine.  As previously mentioned, I don’t have crazy acne prone skin but I threw one in there that I use when it starts to get warmer here in Hawaii and I need to get my oiliness in check.  I normally stay away from drugstore brands because I haven’t been able to find anything from your standard brands that do well for my skin.  I do switch up the cleansers that I use depending on my skin’s needs.  So I would recommend having couple of these – don’t be afraid to switch it up! (As an avid Sephora member – Sephora’s sale starts soon so you can nab some of these great cleansers with your discount depending on your membership!)

PS:  I have this contraption that you put some of the cleanser and a little bit of water in, pump it, and it makes it foam up.  Apparently, it’s a thing in Korea and Japan (not sure if this all throughout Asia) where you take the foam and then wash your face with it. If you don’t wanna do the cup version, there’s like a loofah looking contraption that you lather in the cleanser and then squeeze the foam off of.  I’m not sure how effective this is, but my mom told me that it’s better to use the foam that’s created compared to using your hands to create the foam.  Honestly, I can’t attest to it making much of a difference, but it’s fun and there’s plenty of time to indulge in your skincare routine right now so why not?

Facial Cleansers of All Different Price Range, tata harper, lancer, innis free,

Now here are the top facials cleansers that you need to try in your skincare routine:

Perfect Whip ($14.90 for twin pack)
So Perfect Whip is pretty popular amongst YouTubers and is very popular in Asia.  It’s made by a sister brand of Shiseido.  Think of it as the Toyota to Lexus.  This stuff just smells clean – like a good clean.  It lathers really easily and isn’t necessarily a foamy type of cleanser and is more described as a micro-dense-foam. It helps with dullness and helps plump up your skin with natural silk essence that has hyaluronic acid.  For the price point, it’s definitely a steal and never makes my skin feel stripped.

Innisfree Green Tea Hydrating Cleansing Foam ($11.50)
Innisfree is a popular Korean skincare brand and is now sold at Sephora. I think this happened pretty recently. This cleansing foam is made with Jeju green tea that helps hydrate the skin while getting rid of dirt and impurities.  So for those of you that aren’t familiar with Jeju Island, or Jeju-Do (Do means island feature in Korean), it’s a little island off the tip of the South Korean Peninsula and is known for their pork and their green tea fields.  The island climate makes it ideal to grow green tea and the ingredients in the product are grown on Innisfree’s USDA certified organic Control Union Certifications (CUC) fields, so this shit is pretty fancy for being $10.  I mean, that’s the great thing about K-Beauty right?  Affordable but yet luxurious. (I love saying luxurious, it’s so fancy.)  This is a great cleanser for ALL types of skin because the green tea helps with hydration and gently cleanses the skin.  Another great thing about this product is that it’s a clean product!

Facial Cleansers of All Different Price Range, tata harper, lancer, innis free,

Lancer The Method Cleanse ($69)
I got this cleanser initially as part of a kit with the Polish, Cleanse, and then the Nourish.  I really enjoyed the Polish (future post to come 🙂 ) and the Cleanse is something else.  Like I said before, J. Lo is a fan of this brand so I definitely jumped on the products to see what they’t about.  This cleanser foams up really easily and nicely but it’s not overwhelmingly foamy. It’s kind of got the texture/consistency of when you blow bubble in soapy water.  Although its light, it cleans the skin of debris and daily impurities, and adjusts your skin to the proper pH levels that are required to fully absorb whatever moisturizer you use (they obviously recommend their Nourish moisturizer).  Ingredients include rice amino acid complex, moisture-rich hydrators and skin soothing agents.

Chantecaille Rice and Geranium Foaming Cleanser ($64)
Shockingly, this Chantecaille foaming cleanser isn’t the most expensive product for this post, BUT for the price per ounce – it kinda is.  I’m a sucker for Chantecaille.  This cleanser is amazing and honestly there are very few products from this brand that I don’t care for or just don’t seem to be compatible with my skin. It’s light and smells amazing but not overpowering.  It’s got rice bran to help soften your skin and licorice extract to help soothe the skin.  This is probably good for those who have issues with redness.  It’s also got olive leaves that are rich in antioxidants and soybean that helps keep your skin moisture.  And of course, just like majority of Chantecaille’s products it’s got a base of pure rosewater.  If you have normal or oily skin, this is definitely one to use!

Tata Harper Clarifying Oil and Blemish Control Cleanser ($72)
Last but not least, I’m not sure how many people are familiar with the brand Tata Harper, but LET ME TELL YOU.  I’m obsessed with this brand, in addition to Chantecaille, because Tata Harper has a farm in Vermont and she organically grows the ingredients that are used in ALL OF HER PRODUCTS.  Tata couldn’t find beauty products that used 100% natural products that were up to her standards, so guess what she did, she did it for her DAMN SELF.  I mean the woman has a farm, a lab, and everything to help create and develop her products.  Even her packaging is luxurious and recyclable. I could go on about this company, but I’ll save that for a future post.

Facial Cleansers of All Different Price Range, tata harper, lancer, innis free,

Out of all the facial cleansers, this is one of my favorite facial cleanser (if that wasn’t obvious already). I use this product when I want to control my oiliness around the summer time and also when I know I’m about to start my period, because pimples. Honestly, whenever I feel like my skin can use a little love in the oiliness area.  This cleanser goes on dry and starts off in a creamy/gel-like texture and then when you rinse off with water, it foams up.  It helps balance oil with natural salicylic acid and AHAs for clear and matte skin that doesn’t feel stripped.  Some of the ingredients include prickly pear flower enzymes to help with acne and over-drying; wild crafted juniper fruit to help with your skin’s natural pH levels; and lastly chlorella that helps soothe redness and calm irritation.  The chlorella makes the product green and on top of that, the smell IS AMAZING.  It’s a lovely fresh, floral, clean smell, but not in a way of like overly floral.  It’s a little pricey, but for 4.1 ounces, but a little goes a long way. Seriously, this brand.  *heart eyes*

What facial cleansers do you use? Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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