New Lure! | Skykomish River Fishing

Welcome BACK to the blog!

Last week I went to the Skykomish River to fish and I want to tell you all about my successes and failures, so YOU don’t have to make the same mistake!

It took awhile to find a perfect spot on the river because there are lot of boat docks and houses near the river, but very few areas open to public fishing. We drove around for about 3 hours one evening, and found this spot near Gold Bar, WA!

Tip: Always know the spot you are going to fish rather than guessing it!

Sometimes it’s good to adventure, but if you are leaving 5 AM like most of us, you are not going to want to wander around.

Now to the new bait! We went to Outdoor Emporium to find our hooks and bait and ended up buying two kinds of bait (salmon eggs and shrimp).

Tip: For Bait, if you buy it before hand, just make sure to freeze a water bottle so that you can keep the bait cool when you are out there fishing without a cooler.

The shrimp easily fell off the hook even if we tied an egg knot loop. If you have any idea how to keep this on the loop, that would be helpful! I personally liked the salmon eggs more because it was easier to handle and I felt like I was getting the biggest bang for my buck.

We didn’t catch anything this round, but I think it was worth going out there. It was also pouring down rain and the river was getting high quickly, so it was harder to fish and the fish to see/smell the bait!

Regardless, it was one of the most BEAUTIFUL places we’ve fished around Washington! Until next time, catch ya later!


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