Oppa, Gingham Style

Hi salties,

First off, if you don’t get the reference of Psy’s Gangnam style, then –here (you’re welcome).

From Wizard of Oz to Manchester United, Gingham has been popular beyond the fashionistas. I think people enjoy it because there’s a simplicity in it that can be adopted with almost anything. It’s almostclassic, but with a twist.

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Gingham is a trend that never dies. It just is a trend for life. When Summer rolls around, I feel like Gingham peeks out of my closet and I find a reason to wear it. Today, it’s because I took yet another trip to Beverly Hills. It’s easy to throw on, so ya girl slapped it on.

The shirt is cotton and super comfortable. It cinches around the waste so you don’t have to keep pulling it up or down. I like silhouettes like this because it sucks you in but you can eat hella pizza. I tried it, and it’s true.

On the bottom, I tried a classic black jean skirt! It’s F’REAL a staple and I’m not sure why it took me this long to buy one. It’s one of those things where you can wear multiple times a week and no one would notice. So, you’re welcome.

Take aways? Buy yourself some gingham and if you don’t like print, then DEFINITELY a black skirt because we’re not Paris Hilton, we need clothes we can wear twice.

Photog by @samanthafisher

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