Overcoming Obstacles | Anti-Bully Campaign #glowtogether

Overcoming Obstacles

Hi everyone! I’m back with another interview for #glowtogether, our anti-Bully campaign. As we grow our anti-bully campaign, I wanted you to not only hear from me, but hear from other strong woman who have overcome obstacles in their life. I want to use this space to highlight them and hope you find inspiration in overcoming your own personal obstacles.

First thing’s first, What’s your name?

Julisha Kim.

Can you tell me what you do for a living?

I’m a Graphic Designer/ Store Manager/ Social Media Person.

Overcoming Obstacles
Overcoming Obstacles

In your job or your personal life, have you ever had something hard you had to overcome?

I’ve had so many – I kind of don’t know where to start haha. As an immigrant child, I had to overcome identity crisis and having to learn ways of American life alone. Cultural and language barrier and difference brought confusion to my identity-not-yet-fully-developed childhood/adolescence. Added bonus was having to learn ways of American life alone because language barrier made my independently capable and wonderfully brilliant parents “incapable”. As an Asian woman, I had to deal with implicit as well as explicit racist and sexist treatment. I remember this one incident, as a college student, where a self-entitled white male banker ventured himself to scold and advise me on how to wisely spend money. All I needed him to do was reimburse me for a fee I should’ve been not charged. As a DACA Dreamer, I had to overcome abrupt layoff because my paper renewal was delayed. Unsupported unemployment lasted a year. Every day, I fight to overcome the anxiety (stemming from uncertainty of future) and fear of separation (from my family and friends).

How did you overcome it?

As a Christian, my main source of strength God. Knowing that my life is under control of Almighty God always takes the burden off of and gives me hope and relief. Hardships after hardships formed me to be a more enduring and resilient person. And then I have support and love from my immediate family, church family, and lovely friends!

Overcoming Obstacles
Overcoming Obstacles
Overcoming Obstacles

If there was someone else in a similar situation, what are some words of advice?

Well I don’t have an advice but I would say: I know and I understand what you’re going through. Sorry you have to go through it and you’ve been and are doing great! Life is not easy (no one ever said it is) but don’t stay defeated in the negativity. I’ll be here to listen and help if you need! I’ll fight with you and along!

We live in a very digital world so you probably have seen some degree of online bullying. What is one advice you would give to young people to help stop cyber bullying?

Comment as if it’s attached to your resume. Don’t be stupid.

In your everyday life, how do you exercise positivity?

In your everyday life, how do you exercise positivity? In everything I do, I try to have fun! Laughing intentionally also helps!

Would you like to say anything else?

How fantastically amazing would it be to live in a world full of love?

Overcoming Obstacles

Let’s #GlowTogether.




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