Packing for Sunshine (or wherever)

Happy sunshine salties!

As much as I love traveling, I hate packing. When I was in college, I used to travel back and forth to Korea twice a year to visit my family and I would ALWAYS forget my essentials. Now that I’m 30, I feel like I’ve got a routine down to the brushes I take with me.

I am writing to you from California to share my packing hacks and absolute-need-to-haves while traveling! So here we go – let me know if this is similar to what you do or this inspired you to do something new!



I’ve been trying out a k-beauty product called Lineage. This package is not only travel size, but affordable. I’ve been using Shiseido, but with the amount of products that I want to take with me, it’s unwieldy to take 5-7 containers. It starts to get bulky. So recently, I’ve been trying this hydrating line. So far, I have no complaints!

Make up + brushes

Take the “basic make up” you need. For me, I need at least two palettes so I need a lot of tools for blending. The tip is to conform the number of brushes to a brush holder! Basically, I’ll take as much as this brush holder will take. It forces me to downsizebecause I want to keep my brushes clean and forces me to think about the essentials. Afterall, I guess you don’t need three blending brushes.



(warning: this isn’t the only thing I packed)

OBVIOUSLY, jeans are a must, and so are white tees. Especially if you are going somewhere sunny. I’ve been obsessed with getting different types and cuts of white shirts to prepare for Spring/Summer. You can never go wrong with ripped jeans and a white tee.

I also packed this cute dress that I found at Nordstrom. It’s a little feminine for me but if you are going somewhere sunny, dresses are one piece winners that save space in your luggage.


I have the hardest time with shoes. I can literally take a whole suitcase of them so I’ve created a rule of three for myself. Usually I’ll bring one mules and two heels depending on the location.


Wear as much as you can. I usually wear the pieces that I want to take because I don’t want them to get ruined or lost in the bag. I feel like I am generally not uncomfortable with jewelry on, so this works for me! If you are uncomfy, you can put them in small ziplocks (individually packed). It’s a cheap and easy way to transport them.


You can’t take all of them, so I usually take one bag that’s a pop of color and one bag that’s more muted. I usually take my old black Balenciaga with me since it’s a classic and goes with everything. It’s worth investing in a bag that’s durable and matches everything!

I’ll be posting all my outfits from LA, so stay tuned on Instagram @_saltyblog. If you try any of these hacks, post on Insta-stories or gram it and tag #saltytravelgram and you might be picked to be featured in my next video!

Until next time,

Stay salty!


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