Perfect Summer Shoes You Need Right Now

Since I’ve came to the states when I was 18, I’ve struggled to find some good shoes to WALK in. You know why? Because no one ever told me what “walking one block” meant. I remember one time someone told me to go to Safeway (a local grocery store in WA) by walking a couple of blocks in Seattle and nearly sh&^ my pants because I could not find it. Like, what? I’m legit going to write a guide called “If You Come To America, You Should Know These Things.” inspired by my personal stories (of course).

Anyway, let’s get to the juicy part of this blog post – shoes!

I have favorite brands likeIntentionally Blank, Kat Maconie and Behavior LA but TBH i got introduced to all of these brands by a local boutique in Seattle called Clementines.

I mean full disclosure, they are one of my clients on my studio side and I do get gifted product from them BUT HANDS DOWN, they have the most unique shoes in Seattle. Another store that I like is in Capitol Hill called Totokaelo,but i just like having lower price options and I feel like Totokaelo is not that budget friendly.

Recently did a shoot for Clementines and here are some highly recommended selects. On all the shoes you can get 15% off these shoes with my code salty

(Click picture to shop and get yo discount!)

The Melissa Soul Slide in Gold

This shoes are comfy without making your feet sweaty which is preferred to be avoided. I love the design, sparkle, and versatility of these two shoes (slippers).

Melissa Mule Platforms in Pink

You definitely can’t wear these on the beach but if you are going to a pool party this IS A MUST. Before i tried these on, I definitely thought they would be really hard to wear because i mean it look plastic but f’real they are not. I mean try them for yourself if you are in the Seattle area and you will thank me.

Melissa x Vivienne Westwood Beach Slide

Like f’real they are comfy like your feet feels like it’s on a thin layer of clouds. I’m pro cloud feet.

Miista Ida in Perfume

Because you need to go out to eat dinner after the pool. Slides these babies on.

Hope this was helpful in finding your next pool / beach side shoe!

Stay salty!


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