Rome-ing Around

CIAO, beautiful mermaids!

I am now back in Seattle but I thought I would catch you up on all the BEAUTY that is ROME!

As you probably already know, Rome is a place of Renaissance and rebirth and that is definitely something that I felt while I was there. Maybe it’s because I went to Rome right after Paris, but I felt like it was more relaxed. People were all about incorporating leisure in their everyday life, rather than rushing to one or the next. Unlike America, in Italy, being free without an agenda, catching up with friends, and enjoying life either through their tradition of 2 hour lunches, affordable 4 course meals, or emphasis on being happy was abundant and apparent.

I thought a lot about my work in politics, designs and blogging and reflected on why I am doing what I am doing and what truly makes me happy.

Yes, I did some soul searching and here are my one big takeaway from Rome to Rome-around care-free just like they seem to be:

Nothing is that important – To be honest, before I took my vacation, I thought everything was so stressful. I was always rushing to do something, my schedule was JAMMED PACKED and I had to literally schedule my friends like month in advance.

Running a business and having a full time job (especially in the political world) was definitely harder than it seemed. Work was becoming harder because we had a lot of new staff AND I was working to ramp up my business which meant more applications, more trips to stores, more interviews with stores and moving more product. Everything seemed so hectic. I realized that I should focus on the things that make me happy and is important to me. I was actually on 2 additional projects that was political related and I decided to “cut the fat.” I just decided I’m not going to do them anymore. Why did I start additional projects in the first place? Well, I wanted to network, become more knowledgable in my political field, and gain “street-cred. (i guess)” But I realized, why? Why is it so important? So, I cut it out to spend more time with friends. More wine nights, more focus on designing and v/bloging and reading more about things I care about. Just generally, doing things that I care about MORE and MOST and focusing on that. I’m not going to compare myself to Michelangelo, but he did teach me a lot through his paintings and sculptures on perseverance and what it is to go + innovate for what you are truly passionate about.

Interestingly, when we went to the Vatican, we learned a little more about Michelangelo and how he thought he was not good at painting. He wanted to sculpt, that was his main jam, but he got more work painting. It was still in his wheelhouse though, art + renaissance – #nbd. As I looked at his paintings that he painted in the Sistine Chapel, on the walls of the Vatican and sculptures within, I really was able to drown the noise and other people around me out and think for a moment about what history is trying to teach me, painting is trying to emphasize and focusing on myself.

I realized more than ever that you don’t have to do what society tells you to do to be successful – run your own life and define success for yourself.

I hope this helped if you were asking all the questions I was asking and feeling all the things that I was feeling. Also, these pics are from Rome (obvi) – hope you enjoy!

Until next time, Ciao!


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