Ruffles, not UFOs

Hi Salties 😂

I CANNOT believe it’s 2018! 2017 was bitter sweet.I started a YouTube channel, changed careers, and tried to work outside of my comfort zone a lot more than I usually would. This year, I’m taking my blog to a new level and this year, I can bring you a lot more unfiltered and insightful content into my fashion journey down river.

So, I’ve had a lot of people ask me, what is my blog actually about (good question)? Did I finally settle down on what it’s all about? I had many iterations but I’m finally settling on outdoors, fashion & beauty. Tag line? Sure, I have one – “High Fashion Down River,” (thanks, Chan).

It’s quirky, weird, and perfectly me. So, I hope you enjoy.

In Seattle, it’s raining, but it must be sunny and not gloomy somewhere. This week, I’m talking about ruffles. While it started in the 16th century with mostly white people who were part of the bourgeois to make themselves look a giant saucer, it’s a trend that never quite goes away. Queen Elizabeth wore it, so can I and everyone else who has access to Anthropology (thanks to modern day fast fashion).

Breaka-breaka- let’s break it down (insert DJ noise):

The shirt and pants are both from Anthropology – similar here

My booties are from Kat Maconie from Clementines – buy here

Necklace from Bohemian Salt (see latest video for a close up) –buy here

Jacket from Fried Rice at Clementinessimilar here

Make up – NAKED pallet –


Fenty Beauty NEW LIPSTICK – here

So, what you think? Leave a comment and let me know!

Okay, one more exciting news – I thought of starting a brunch club for my YT friends out there (and bloggers are welcome). I love everything about brunch – friends, inappropriate jokes, and a sh*t ton of bacon. So, Want to join? Sign up right up hurr.

K, thx, bye!


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