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Today on salty collective, Melissa is talking about sheet masks you need to try.

Welcome back to #skincaresaturday!  While the main topic of today’s post is about sheet masks, I figured I’d take this opportunity to talk about some skincare tips in general.  Sheet masks are pretty simple. Honestly, I normally just buy a shit ton when I visit South Korea or Japan.  I go to Olive Young in South Korea and I just load up on what’s on sale or just whatever sheet mask that targets the skin concern that I mostly try to get after.  The most common ones I go for target brightening, hydration, aloe, and collagen.  Occasionally I’ll pick up ones that target acne and provide some type of “peeling” or “exfoliating.”  Other than that, I usually buy the packs and just use whichever one I feel like using at the moment.  

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When I was on my second deployment, I started to get more concerned about my skincare routine because 1) I was getting older and 2) being in such a dry and weird climate just made me more conscious about my skin.  I would go on Amazon and just buy the bulk variety packs of sheet masks from popular South Korean beauty brands like The Face Shop, Innisfree, Tony Moly.  I’d literally pull out a stack of sheet masks every night and just pick whichever sounded nice.  Put that shit on, throw on a show, straight up chill in my tiny little twin bed.  It was the closest that I felt to pampering in such a weird environment. I guess that’s self-care for you right?  Just those 15 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes, hell sometimes just straight up falling asleep in that mask, made me forget that I was in the middle of the desert halfway around the world.  I know there’s a wide variety of masks at a wide range of prices, but trust me, doing a sheet mask every day or even once a week makes a difference in your skin’s condition.  I could probably pick the most expensive ones and yeah I’m sure they have a lot of benefits, but I truly see nothing wrong with buying the more affordable ones to use.  If anything, it allows me to use them more often.  I’m also not kidding, sometimes I’ll end up falling asleep with a sheet mask on – that’s probably not the best, but I guess my face is soaking up every bit of serum in that sheet.  

I decided that instead of talking in depth about sheet masks, I figured I’d give some recommendations to what types that I would normally purchase or have purchased in the past.  In regards to my skincare routine, I occasionally will do a sheet mask once or twice a week and either put the sheet mask on after my essence or at the end of the entire routine. 

Normally when I use a sheet mask only, I go for the heavy duty more nourishing ones (e.g. double dare OMG! Red + Snail Mask).  When I use a sheet mask at the end of the entire routine, I try to reach for something that’s enhancing once of my serums, like a brightening or collagen sheet mask.  I see it as my placing a seal over all that goodness on my face.  Sometimes, some parts of the sheet mask will dry up faster than others and it gives me a sense of satisfaction in a weird way.  I think to myself, fuck yeah I’m killing this skincare routine.

asian blogger, skincare, face masks, sheet masks, beauty, skincare

When applying sheet mask, I use any leftover serum in the packet and/or from the application of the mask, I normally take and rub it down my neck and on the backs of my hands.  You can always do things to your face, but age truly shows in your neck and the backs of your hands.  Even when I do my normal skincare routine, after I rub a serum, pat a serum, apply moisturizer; I always rub down my neck, décolleté and then backs of my hands.  I know we find ourselves on our phones a lot, but BEWARE OF TECH NECK!  Constantly keep your head tilted down creates wrinkles in your neck as well as messes up your alignment.  So try to stretch your neck as well as look up or at an angle where your chin is as parallel to the ground.

Alright, below are some sheet masks that I’ve used in the past and definitely recommend.  Some have changed in formula and I know that some types are new now, but for the most part, the brands are pretty awesome and super affordable. 

There are my sheet mask recommendations:

Dr. Jart Cryo Rubber Mask with Vitamin C ($14) (click to shop)

Dr. Jart masks are some of my favorite ones and the rubber masks are pretty unique and awesome.  This one in particular is packed with Vitamin C to help with dullness and dark spots.  These are a little different from your standard sheet mask because it comes with this ampoule that is supercharged with Vitamin C and niacinamide that you apply first, THEN the rubber mask to help cool your skin’s temperature and helps boost that formula’s absorption.

asian blogger, skincare, face masks, sheet masks, beauty, skincare

Tony Moly I’m Real Sheet Mask Pack of 10 ($26) (click to shop)

Tony Moly has super cute packaging and this pack comes with a variety of sheet masks made with different ingredients, or flavors ;), that help soothe and brighten your skin.  The sheet masks are three-layer pulp sheets that are immersed in different types of enriched essences (i.e. water, micro-emulsion, milky lotion).  I always felt like these were pretty good quality, especially for the price.  So throw one on for 20 minutes and you’re good to go!

The Face Shop Real Nature Full Face Masks Peel Off Disposable Sheet (Pack of 15) ($14) (click to shop)

asian blogger, skincare, face masks, sheet masks, beauty, skincare

The Face Shop is popular K-Beauty brand and we have a few stores here in Oahu that offer the some great deals.  But if you don’t have a The Face Shop near you, Amazon always has some available.  These masks are made of naturally-derived sheet mask fabrics that have a high adhesiveness.  They also have a mild formula that comes in 3 types of textures:  water, serum, and emulsion.   These are a little more affordable but also come in a good variety to help switch it up for whatever mood you’re in that day or night.

Double dare OMG! Red + Snail Mask ($17.99) (click to shop)

This mask is a little pricier and also more heavy duty and is recommended for dry but oily combination skin.  It’s made with a combination of Super 8 Red ingredients and snail secretion.  What are the Super 8 Red ingredients you ask?  They are rose extract, red bean extract (for intense hydration), camellia and hibiscus extract (for troubled skin), red ginseng and tomato extract (for bright radiant glow, and also helps with anti-aging), and schizandra and pomegranate (to help tighten your pores and firm up that skin!).  When you take this mask out of the packaging, it’s pretty thick and slimy like, but it’s amazing how much my skin will drink it up.  It’s definitely good for hydrating that dry skin and helping with dullness and pores!

Let me know if you try any of these and if you like them! I would love to hear from you!


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