Skincare: Face Oils You Must Try

Skincare: Face Oils You Must Try by Melissa

By now, most of the United States are in quarantine, so wherever you are reading, I hope you are safe and staying inside! Since we are all inside now, this is a perfect time to self-care and take our skincare to the next level! We have plenty of time to do facials and get that glowing skin that requires a lot of time, which we have plenty of now. So today, I’m going to go over face oils you must try!

Alright, so I’m fully aware that my last post included items that were pretty boujee, but guess what?  I’m a boujee betch.  I’m 33 years olds and I haven’t spent a dime on botox or anything of the sort, so I see my investment in “luxury” items as money well spent.  I mean no hate to the botox community, but I know my personality – I know if I dabble in botox, there’s a high chance that I’ll get hooked.  I don’t even get my eyebrows done, how am I supposed to rely on myself to go to the doctors office to get botox!?

Today, I’m going to highlight three facial oils that has worked wonders for me! I’ll admit, at first the thought of putting oil on my face weirded me out.  But honesty, I dabble with the Josie Maran Argan Oil on my first deployment and I fell in love (and yes, I’m in the military).

So with that said, these four oils below are worth trying out:

(I’ve also included links to each oil. If you buy from our link, we will get a little commission and 100% of the commission goes to helping to produce blogs and videos! There are couple of us that produce on the Salty Blog, including Crystal, and we appreciate your support!)

Bio Oil (~$22.49)

I first heard about Bio Oil because I would constantly see it in articles of things you must buy. I remembered seeing this oddly, and when I say oddly, I mean plainly, packaged bottle at the drug store and didn’t think twice about it.  I kept reading how it was amazing for stretch marks for women who were pregnant but then I stumble across an article of how it works on all types of scars and even for your face if you worry about discoloration, uneven skin tone, etc.  The moment I saw it on sale, I was like fuck it, why not?  

Benefits of Bio Oil | skincare
Come to find out it’s got a mixture of all different kinds of good for your skin oils like vitamins A & E, calendula, lavender, rosemary and chamomile, which makes sense why it smells pleasant.  But more importantly, it contains a breakthrough ingredient known as PurCellin Oil!  This ingredient makes the consistency light and non greasy which is awesome and it doesn’t feel like it sits heavy on your skin. The oil has proven to make sure that it’s easily absorbed in to your skin. This stuff is good for aging, dehydrated skin, after skin treatment, scars, the works!  I’ve used this on new scars and I’ll admit, it’ll sting a little if there’s an open wound (which is clearly my fault) but it’s not unbearable.  And hey, if it helps with reducing the scar, I’m all for it!

Josie Maran Argan Oil ($48)

Alright, so this oil – LET. ME. TELL. YOU!  This oil is what made me fall in love with oils, I mean I loved it so much, I wanted to douse my body in it.

Benefits of Josie Maran Aragon Oil | skincare
Argan oil is widely known for its benefits of helping with fine lines and wrinkles, dryness, etc.  However this oil, is 100 percent liquid gold and has proven to all the things and more.  It absorbs in to the skin but leaves it feeling supple and hydrated. According to the website, this oil is 100% organic and is cold-pressed and never heated!  This stuff is 100% clean which makes me feel great about lathering it on my skin.  But for real, you won’t need too much to make your skin feel great.  I usually put like 2-4 drops directly on my face and rub it in.  Also, this shit is in an amber glasswork which helps filter out damaging blue and ultra-violet light which has been known to break down the products beneficial compounds and nutrients.  (FUN FACT! This should be the same for your cooking oils, clear glass isn’t good)

Biossance Tea Tree Oil ($74.90)

Alright, so I don’t have a big acne problem.  However, once a month I’ll get a massive pimple on my nose and IT’S ALWAYS ON MY NOSE.  I got this product as a sample and at first I incorporated it in to my routine around the time of my period to make sure I can mitigate how massive the pimple on my nose would be.  I hate using harsh acne products and I’ve always enjoyed the scent of tea tree so I was like, sure why not? 

Benefits of Biossance Tea Tree Oil | #skincare
I realized this oil was super light, like SUPER. My skin soaked it up and it didn’t feel overly sticky.  I never had issues with pimples and I like to believe this played a part of helping with my acne because guess what? My pimples weren’t nearly as bad.  Did they still show?  Sure. But they weren’t massive and painful and dreadful.  Biossance is also a clean product and it seems as if they try to incorporate squalene in majority of products which is an ingredient that helps moisture and lock in that moisture.  It also has rosemary extract which is supposed to hep prevent the oxidation of oil on the skin.  For those of you who struggle with acne, I’d def incorporate this as a step to your skin care routine.  I’ve also worn it under my day time make up and it never made my makeup feel slick.  Fun fact, apparently the tea tree oil that’s used originates from northern Australia!

Chantecaille Rose de Mai Face Oil ($186)

Saving the best skincare/face oil item for last.  I’m sure most of you should know by now, I’m a die hard Chantecaille fan.  I mean it makes me sad that they don’t take on influencers because I’d make my account public and be all about it.  In a way, it makes sense.  THEY DON’T NEED IT!  Their products speak for themselves.  So to round out this post, I added the Chantecaille Rose de Man Face Oil.  I know a lot of articles will recommend reship oil that you buy off of amazon and my mom has used them before.  But let me tell you, she tried this stuff when she was visiting me and she said she could tell the difference in the products.  So this bottle is pretty expensive but one bottle will last you a year, maybe even longer.  I’ve already told you the benefits of the Rose de Mai extract but just in case you missed the first post, let me drop some knowledge on this betch.  

Benefits of Chantecaille Rose de Mai Face Oil | skincare
Rose de Man Pure Extract is derived from the rare Rose de Man that blooms for only three weeks during the month of May in Grasse, France.  This alone possesses antioxidant properties that aids in creating supply, dewy, glass looking skin.  This product also includes Chilean Tree Bark to help with dullness and Paracress that works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and to help with firmness.  Lastly, it has winged kelp that helps with a more toned appearance.  If you’re in your mid-20s, I’d say you can probably wait to invest in something like this.  But for the ladies in my age group (30s+), this is definitely a splurge, but a good one.  

I use this when my skin needs a little extra love in hydration.  It’s definitely not an every day product for me bc I’m living on a rock in the middle of the Pacific (i.e., Hawaii).  But I use this product more often during the “dry” winter months and can see this being essential during the dryer season and if your skin tends to lean on the drier side (like, Californians, you need this). I’d apply this oil every few days just so your skin doesn’t feel so congested.

Everyone is different, some people have skin that just soak it up but some have skin that can only do oil every now and then.  Take the time to learn about your skin and show it the love it deserves!

Hope these skincare oils will get you that glowy dewy skin that you’vebeen waiting for. What are your favorite skincare products? We’d love to hear from you!

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