Story Behind the Dress

This dress is special because it’s the one that I wore to my engagement party in Hawaii. Even then, I barley fit into it. It was hot and muggy in Hawaii, and the ocean breeze was definitely not helping. As gracefully as I wanted to be at my engagement party, I was felt I was a sardine stuffed in a can – barf. So, shortly after lunch, I changed out and barley got any pictures!

So, I wanted to shoot this dress again. Problem was, I gained my weight back and couldn’t fit into it. It’s a size 12 in Kate Spade, and apparently for them it means, like, a size 8ish. I love when clothing stores take size as a light suggestion.

This year, I started losing weight a little by little and ta – da, I fit in! Trust me, it was a long journey and I’m still on it. But this dress is a celebration of my size and of my wedding so I roped in Jane from Jane Jung Photographyand we collab’ed!

She captured it beautifully and I’m so thankful to meet another Korean in art world to build community! Hope you love the dress as much as I loved shooting it.

❤️ About the Outfit ❤️

Dress – Kate Spade (Similar here) Shoes – Tori Burch (similar here)

Necklace –Bohemian Salt

Jacket –Leather jacket (similar) Pins – Bobby Pinsco (similar)

Don’t forget to check out Jane @

Here’s a little bit more about her:

Q: Why photography?

A: It all started in high school when I had to choose an elective class. I randomly chose photography and wow, I’m so glad I did! That class helped me find my one true passion. One thing I love the most about being a photographer is having the ability to capture moments that can be cherished forever. Without photos, how can you look back at moments in your life and see all of your memories?

I especially love capturing couples in love! I’m all about that candid style, so it’s really fun for me to see my clients having fun in front of the camera together. It is also seriously an honor when couples choose me as their wedding photographer! Capturing a wedding is a lot of work, but it is so rewarding knowing that I was chosen to capture one of the most important days of someone’s life.

I am also focusing a lot more on videography now. Sometimes I wish I had 4 hands so I can take photos and record videos at the same time.

Q: Where you see yourself in 10 years?

A: In 10 years, I hope to be traveling the world. As cliche as that sounds, I love going on adventures, experiencing new things, and visiting new places. The world is such a beautiful place, and I don’t want to be confined in one area for the rest of my life. A part of my addiction to adventures definitely sparked from photography.

I also hope that I’m a well known portrait and wedding photographer in 10 years!

Q: What’s your ideal city you would like to live in?

A: My ideal city is somewhere warm and rain-free! Right now, I really want to live somewhere by the beach in California. My husband and I are planning on getting a corgi (named Corgo), so we would love to raise our puppy in California. As much as I love the PNW, the cold, rainy weather is slowly killing me.

Q: Best wall to photograph in the city?

A: At the top of my head, I would say the top floor of the Seattle Public Library! The architecture is so unique and stunning there. It’s definitely a spot that every photographer needs to check out when in Seattle.

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