Three Staple Tops for Transitional Weather

Hi salties!

As I’m settling into the California sun, I’m really thinking about transitional clothing! Moving from Seattle, I really thought that California will be nothing but sunshine and warm weather, but I am sitting in a sunny AF courtyard and IT. IS. NOT. WARM. The Seattle in me is yelling at my Cali me and saying, “wtf, you have been through close to 4 months of straight rain, WOMAN UP.”

For this transitional weather, I want to share with you three pieces that should be a staple in your closet for times like this:

A white long sleeve shirt

When there is a light breeze in the air, but it isn’t TOO cold (like, if-you-put-on-too-many-layers-you-start-sweating (but like just under the armpits)-sort-of-weather) you need something breezy that’s also going to keep you warm. This shirt from Free People has been my FAVORITE. I wear it after soul cycle or with jeans if I want to wear it for a day out!

Shop this Top:

Shirt from Free People similar here.

Denim jacket or oversized sweater

I’ve talked about layers before (here), but I really LOVE just having something to throw over what I’m already wearing. My tip is, if your denim gets old, you can always use patches (like this one).

Shop this Top:

Denim Jacket from Zara

The Comfy T-Shirt

If you find one that you like, buy 5, because you will wear it AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN, and then when you can’t buy it anymore, YOU. WILL. REGRET. IT. This shirt from Free People and it was on sale. I should have also bought it in white but I didn’t. Now I’m paying for it and I regret it. But if I find it, I will take my own advice.

Shop this Top:

Similar sheer and light Shirt from Free People

or here

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