Tights that I dig, but don’t dig in.

Tights can be the worst. Not only do they dig into your sides, but they leave marks. The “squeeze” at the top, gives you a weird muffin top that squishes all your fat just at the hip. Then, when you try to pull them up, THEY. GET. A. RUN.

Once I saw LoHo tights, I wanted to learn more about the creator. Luckily, April from @aprilsbeautifulmess connected us and we immediately bonded. You can read about the Medium article on Darrah, creator of LoHo, but let me tell you – she cares so much about her product, her customers, and how they feel. I love strong local woman who not only create good products but really care about the people in them.

My review of this leggings are on comfort for a girl my size. Sure, they carry sizes from 0-22, but is it REALLY going to be comfy? I mean do they even stay up if they are just a comfy loose lace on top?

The answer is, YES. Trust me, I was surprised too.

(I’m a size 8-10, and this is for size 10, so Loho tights are true to size). They did not run when I stretched it in whichever direction!

They go on like regular leggings (surprise), but they are super comfortable EVEN when you sit down. My biggest question was, “Will it roll down when you sit?” You know when your lovely lady rolls just push things down and you don’t have control over it? And then, you are uncomfortably sitting at Chipotle, trying to maneuver a weird gymnastic move to pull them up without anyone knowing…but everyone knows.

But of course, it was perfect. It doesn’t roll down, it’s comfy!So what’s the verdict?

Five salt-crystals for LoHo!

(aka: highly recommend) If you are like me and don’t want to get cramps because your tights are too tight, then this is for you!

This post is a sponsored post; thoughts and reviews are my own.

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