Trout-ing Around Whidbey

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This Summer fishing season has been pretty dim for couple of reasons – 1) there are less salmon in the water because there was supposed to be 7 million pink salmon but because humans didn’t do enough to protect to environment, we now only have 1 million pink salmon coming up the river in the PNW (though, this spillage near San Juan just happened); 2) I haven’t been able to get out there as much with many life changing events happening (**news coming soon**); 3) I’m just catching little fish here and there.

But I’m still hopeful because I found this beautiful beach park in Whidbey Island that apparently is a good fishing spot. By that, I mean, everyone else is catching pretty good size salmon and I’m just catching little trout. Regardless, this spot is amazingbecause there are usually less people in a span of 5 hours (about 5 people), all folks are local or serious fisherman/woman who are not there to “battle fish.” Basically, it’s fisherwoman’s paradise. If you are not into fishing, you can go there to chill on the beach and it’s very pretty clean. Out there, it’s just you, the water, and your rod (sounds nice, huh?)

If you follow me on Instagram (@_saltyblog) you can usually figure out where I am, but I’m not going to give it up that easily. Fisherwoman never gives up their spot (that easily anyway).

If you fish a lot, you know that using the right lure will help tons (I mean you have to take in to account the tide rising, temperature, and depth, but mainly lure if you’re not that into it), so I talked to the local fisherman and found that everyone is using spinners (trout) or holographic buzzbomb (salmon) (see picture below). There was some people who were fly fishing but it seems like they were not as successful as the buzzbomb people.

This is a herring that was bit into half by a bigger fish because they are @$$h(&les and they just eat and run.


I’m going back this weekend, so watch out for the spot on Instagram. Send me some good vibes so I can finally catch some Salmon! I feel like I deserve one, don’t you think?

***Catch ya later!****


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