Upgrade Your Last Year’s Back-to-School Closet

Ring, ring. It’s back to school betches. (Also, I got a website makeover – what do you think?)

Am I too late for back to school? I’m actually 30, so I already graduated college, and don’t understand when y’all went back to school, but I know it was recently. If you are still in school because you decided to go to school for way too long and have a PHD OR you are younger than me and still in school then this is the blog post for you! Let’s talk about upgrading your last year’s back-to-school closet so you don’t have to spend a fortune getting “the look.”  

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So, here’s my back-to-school-hopefully-not-to-thotty outfit inspiration. I have been REALLY OBSESSED with Clueless (like more than normal) though (true story), I have not watched a single episode of Clueless, but I love their wardrobe. So, I literally tried to make a modern version of clueless but with more patches. 

I think this particular outfit goes against the “school standards” of what young girls “should wear,” and if you have those rules, here’s a little advice for you schools, maybe don’t be so misogynistic. Teach boys not to be perves. Don’t teach girls to edit themselves because it “taunts” boys.

*stepping off soapbox*

I got this (somewhat oversized) yellow blazer gifted from SheIn and literally the cutest thing ever. I went to ban.do’s warehouse sale where I got endless patches and pins and decided to add them to this jacket. I would say if you are trying to revamp your closet, you could totally remake it with new patches and pins. I LOVE patches and pins because they are versatile and it rebirths old articles of clothing.

Blazers are generally a good call because it’s a layering piece and you can make shorter skirts and shorts or even a bralette look more elegant with a suit jacket on. One of my other favorite suit jackets are Chriselle Lim’s Bianca Piped Houndstooth Blazer. 

Do you have ways you rebirth your clothing? Let me know in the comments below!

Also in the spirit of back to school, I hope you can join our anti-bully campaign called #glowtogether. I shared my story on how I was bullied as a kid and as a community, we started a movement. We want to keep the conversation going and want to share your story – only if you want to share (either anonymously or not). Follow us on Instagram @_glowtogether 🔮 Thank you!


Events coming up

Come join me at these events! 

Oct 6th: Unite Socially Influence Summit (Irvine, CA): I’m speaking at a thing! The summit has variety of speakers who will pass on tips and tricks on their expertise! During lunch break, there’s even a “shopping break” so you know it’s going to be lit. Can’t make it? Buy a ticket and give it to someone who might benefit from the conference! Just let me know and I can arrange it for you!

Clementines 12th Anniversary Party (Seattle, WA): Clementines (my favorite store as you all know) is celebrating their 12th year anniversary party and guess what, I’m going to Seattle for it! Come say hello, have some dranks, and you know where I go, there will be a red or pink carpet (SO BE READY)! #alwayslitaf

Get 20% off this blazer with code salty20 @sheinofficial #shein


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